The Royal Orchard Sahiwal is a recent housing venture that is set to become a revolutionary project in Sahiwal. The entire housing venture offers some world class feature that differentiates it from other housing project in Sahiwal due to its exceptional lifestyle. The entire venture has great location with state-of-the-art architecture and some important amenities. It is aiming to bring a creative culture that provides a luxurious lifestyle.

Owners and Developers

Royal Developers & Habib Rafiq Private limited are the owners behind this stunning venture. They are popular nationwide as they have a huge experience of real estate investment. The company comprises of some professional architects, who are striving hard to provide world infrastructure. The owners are optimistic about providing a world class experience to residents of Sahiwal. Their previous project Royal Orchard Multan has already received huge popularity among real estate experts.

Location and Map

Royal Orchard Sahiwal is situated in one of the most ideal site in Sahiwal City, which is the main G.T. Road. The developers are coming up with premium strategy construct it in Sahiwal’s suburbs, with suitable access to the main city center, Railway Station, or other major places. It’s also significant to recognize that this project is also near to Sahiwal Campus of COMSATS University. The entire home plan of this venture already comprises of all of the essential utilities and services. It even provides the smooth accessibility to urban & rural sub-regions of Sahiwal. Such society is better suited for persons in business and agriculture sector of Sahiwal.

NOC Status

It is very vital for the real estate owners to get a valid No Objection Certificate for their project for its construction. It also proves that the entire project has gone through legal means for development. The owners of this venture had successfully negotiated with Tehsil Municipal Administration of Sahiwal, and they have received the NOC successfully. NOC approval of this venture declares that it is a legal housing venture. The investors would not need to worry about their investment.

Master Plan

The developers have drafted the Masterplan of this venture, which shows that, there are various plot sizes. The commercial as well as residential plots are visible in the entire plan, which shows that it is going to be a huge venture. The developers of this housing project have drawn out numerous magnitudes of commercial plots in the middle space location, which is adjacent to main roadways. There would be huge carpeted roads, which would enable smooth travel of vehicles. The Sizes of Residential Plots begin from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal, and the commercial plots would be available at 7 to 9 Marla areas.

Payment Plan

This housing venture fulfills and exceeds the expectations of clients with regards to money, as it would be affordable. The recent payment plan shows flexible installment plans through which, one can reserve the desired plot with numerous benefits. Any investor would have easiness in buying new home in such an exclusive neighborhood. The prices of the plots might increase more than the current one after the completion.

Development Status

The construction process of this venture is taking place at a slight pace. Some of the areas are near their completion, while other are still being built. As of now, some of the streets are complete with installation of power lines. The commercial plazas are under construction at a rapid pace. Residents’ villas are being constructed. The streets have been made, and power lines are just near the completion. The ongoing construction of Royal Orchard Sahiwal is somewhat slow. Also various sewerage, parks, and dwelling are about to be complete.

Amenities & Facilities

It is very necessary for any real estate project to have better facilities for the comfort of its residents. So, the owners of this project are offering some of the lavish amenities at affordable rates. Such amenities would be an element of any present, wealthy society that makes it a complete residential venture. The owners have set apart a substantial portion of the property to create more green zones such as children parks. The biggest priority of the owners is to provide a vigorous and stylish atmosphere. Some of the important facilities in this venture are following


The entire project aims to offer an environment friendly venture, which is close-to-nature lifestyle with world class services. The accessibility to nature would deliver an exceptional impression very different from other housing venutre.

Civic centers

Some of the blocks would have huge Community centers that would be an important source of timepass for inhabitants. The residents would have an opportunity to spend time with each other, and make good connections. There would be various social and sports activities that would be an integral part of such sectors.

Health Services

The owners of this venture have paid special attention to health of their residents. So, they have planned to construct a world class medical centers for residents with better services. The hospital and clinics would be available, seven days a week, as skilled doctors would be there to help residents.

Business & Commercial Hub

The owners of this housing venture have also catered to business demands of residents. So, they plan to create a separate sector, which would comprise of only commercial venture i.e. Corporate offices, or shopping malls.

Security steps

The owners have taken the security needs of their residents into consideration just like New City Paradise. So, they have planned to install numerous CCTV camera around different sectors. Also, they would deploy armed guards that would keep an eye on any suspicious activity. The entire project would have a huge surrounding boundary wall that would protect it from any danger.

Best Road Infrastructure

There would be huge roads and boulevards to ensure optimum development of this housing project. Such process would involve huge professionalism, and innovative technological measure for its timely completion.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Efficient Security measures.
  • Eco friendly and calm environment
  • Best waste disposal and sewerage system


  • Construction taking place at slow pace
  • The insight of excessive plot costs

Why Invest in Royal Orchard?

The owners of this Royal Orchard Sahiwal are working hard to provide a lovely lifestyle to the residents. The entire housing society aspires to create new trends within the current landscape of Sahiwal after getting a positive feedback from people of Sahiwal, as well as Multan. The purpose of this project is to provide a mixture of traditional and luxury living lifestyle. It also offers profitable business opportunities corresponding to any high-quality residential complex in real estate business of Pakistan. It is going to be the best platform for the investors to provide a dreamy housing facility to their families.


This housing project comprises of all business and residential facilities to the residents. The owners are taking care of all the housing need by providing residents with a royal arrangement for a auspicious future. This housing project would benefit the clients residing abroad, so that they find it as an impressive investment. The entire project involves some state-of-the-art housing facilities Customers who with best technological aspects. So, for more knowledge about this project, you may talk to representatives of Globe Real Estate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is Royal Orchard Sahiwal?

Ans. It is a latest housing venture in Sahiwal that is all set to completely change the landscape of the real estate industry.

Q2: How it differs from other housing societies?

Ans. It is different from other project, as it is going to be among the first ever housing venture in Sahiwal that have distinctive features.

Q3: Does it have a legal NOC?

Ans. Yes, the housing venture is now legal as it got the legal approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority of Sahiwal.

Q4: Is it affordable

Ans. Yes, the recent payment plan by the owners show that the rate of plots are reasonable. The entire management suggests that there would be yearly and monthly installment option available for investment.

Q5: Where is it situated?

Ans. This housing venture is locatable at the main G.T. Road in Sahiwal, only few mile away from Airport and Comsats University.

Q6: Who are the developers behind this venture?

Ans. Royal Developers and HRL are the entities behind this fascinating venture.