Royal Orchard Multan is going to be most general and innovative housing ventures in Multan. This project has attracted the curiosity of numerous real estate investors and possible buyers. The motive behind this venture is that it offers a comfortable destination at a reasonable price with 4,000 Kanal of land. The venture contains profitable and housing sites alongside ultra-luxury villas that are about to be available for booking. They would be a wonderful part of modern  act and one-of-a-kind world class living facilities, with best architectural development, with some suitable facilities. Every house would have a modification to ensemble their uniqueness and way of life flawlessly. A lot of notable real estate businesses are contributing to this business by offering many extravagance and imaginative activities that result in the best living condition of city i.e. New City paradise.

Location Map

Location of any housing venture remains one of the important reasons that it is huge in demand. This venture seems to be one of the most attractive to buyers and investors since it is nearby from some important destinations like Mattital Road, Northern By-pass, and Sheikh e Medina Road. It is quite near to Women’s University’s Mattital Campus, which is also few miles from Bahauddin Zakariya University at the busy Bosan Road. Even Multan Metro Station is locatable on that route on Bosan Road, which makes it very accessible. Some of the other housing venture near to this project are Pace City Defense Housing Society Multan, WAPDA Town, PIA Employees’ Society, and many other popular housing societies are only few mile away from the property. Even the Multan International Airport is less than ten minutes away from this housing project.

Owners and Developers

The builders behind such amazing housing venture are Royal builders and Habib Rafiq PVT LTD. Both the developers have company called Royal Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Limited that creates superb project and an elite housing venture. The developers of this project are making sure that the residents of Multan have a good housing experience like Blue World City.

NOC Status

Before going ahead with the investment, it is really important for the real estate developers to seek a valid No Objection Certificate. The owners of this venture have gone the NOC approval from the district level authorities. It clearly shows that this project is a legal entity, and it does not involve any kind of scam.

Master Plan

The general Master Plan of Royal Orchard Multan is completely sole and simple with huge infrastructure. It comprises of around seven sectors with numerous sizes of housing and commercial plots and beautiful villas for sale. Along with that, all these sectors are suitably reachable from all of the entrances of this venture.

Payment Plan

The owners of this venture have offered an affordable payment plan, so that plots are easily purchasable. It would be convenient way for the investors to own 15 percent of the amount during booking. The payment plan also offers the option of monthly and quarterly installment plan with option of 10 percent. The investors would also have to pay around 10000 PKR as fee of membership.

Important Facilities

Any housing project must have some world class facilities to success in the real estate market. Even, the investors and residents of any housing project get comfort while living in a housing society with good facilities. Following are some of the main features of this housing venture.

Modern Way of Life

The owners of this housing venture are integrating some high-end lifestyle basics into consideration. The architecture of this venture looks as per the worldwide standards, with their cutting-edge innovations.

Commercial Zones

The owners of this venture plan to cater to the business needs for their residents. So, they plan to dedicate a separate zone that is would not be only practical but also has a best architectural design. Such commercial zone would comprise of huge corporate offices or shopping plazas.


This owners have planned to implement high-tech security feature to make their residents feel secure. The entire housing project would have a stress-free existence with huge security measure all around. There would be armed security guards observing every movement at different sectors. Apart from that, there would also be some CCTV camera that would keep an eye on 24/7 basis. The entrance gate would also have some security gear that would not be able to pass any entrance without any security check.


This housing venture would comprise of some huge picturesque parks where residents could get some fresh air and spend the nights in privacy. Little Children would have the facility to play around on the lush green grass, while adults would be able to exercise on a huge jogging track. Moreover, one would have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views of the sunset simply by hanging out around park benches.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Environment Friendly venture
  • Payment Plan affordable for investors
  • Huge area of development


  • Construction process slow
  • A perception of huge rates of plots

Why invest in Royal Orchard Multan

The entire project is becoming one of the most demanded housing ventures among the real estate investors in Multan. It would completely revolutionize the real estate business of Multan due to its innovative facilities.  Vast majority of sectors of this venture are near their completion. Those blocks comprise of features like main entrance, buildings, mosque, and villas. The developers of this project have made sure that the entire project follows environment friendly practices. They are even going to shape and prearrange from a creative position, totaling a self-confident amount of loveliness to every housing unit. Majority of those project lie close to green nature that makes a new, airy atmosphere to live in such attractive atmosphere.


Royal Orchard Multan is a going to be a revolutionary real estate venture in Multan. The developers of this venture are striving hard to provide a luxurious experience to their investors. Buying a home with a different highlights and deliberations might be beautiful. As Multan is becoming a moderately lavish real estate business in additional years. The innovative features of this housing project are enough to woo any real estate investor. So, if you want to fulfill your housing dream, please talk to the agents of Globe Real Estate. Our agents are available all the time to share better investment prospects with clients. The main aim of our company is help you in getting best housing experience.


Q1.  What is Royal Orchard Multan?

Ans. It is an upcoming housing project of Multan that would transform the real estate sector of the whole city.

Q2. Who are the pioneers of this housing project?

Ans. The people behind this venture are Royal builders and Habib Rafique PVT LTD, who have a huge experience of delivering best project.

Q3. Does it have a valid NOC?

Ans. Yes, the owners have recently got the NOC from government authorities.

Q4. What is the size of this housing project?

Ans. This housing venture lies approximately around 4,000 Kanal of land.

Q5. Does it have a down payment option?

Ans. Yes, the payment plan revealed by the owners show that best way to own plots is through 10% to 15% of down payment.

Q6. What is the location of this housing venture?

Ans. One can easily reach this project through Multan International Airports as it is less than 10 minutes away from it. One may also reach to it through Norther Bypass.

Q7. What are the sizes of plots?

Ans. The initial size of the residential plots is around 5 Marla, while the commercial plots range around 2 Marla.