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Rudn Enclave is the latest under-construction housing venture in Rawalpindi that aims to transform the real estate sector of the entire city. It is going to be an innovative project that has not been witnessed in Rawalpindi before. The only purpose to develop this project is to increase urbanization, while improving living condition of the entire city. The best thing about this project is that it is going to have some innovative feature for the comfort of their residents. The entire housing project comes near the premises of CPEC specialized area that is adjacent to under construction Ring Road. The entire housing project comprises of more 10000 kanals of total land area.

Owners and Developers

RMRSCO Pvt Ltd. is collaborating with Urban planning and design limited for the construction of this project. Both companies have a vision of providing luxurious lifestyle to the real estate investors. They have hired a skilled pool of engineers and designers to ensure the quality of this housing project. RMRSCO is famous for its work on luxurious project before. On the other hand, Urban Planning and Design limited is famous for providing urban solutions for planning and design development. Both the entities are utilizing the skills of their talented team to make this housing project a success. They proudly associate their core values of client satisfaction, and achieving top position with their business.

Location and Map

Whenever it comes to living somewhere, location has the important part in that. Real estate investors mainly prefer those locations, which are either easily accessible, or they are just within the premises of the city. This housing venture is situated at Adiala Road, which is only 20 minutes away from busy Kacheri Chowk. Other than that, a prominent Islamabad Farmhouse is only few minutes away from it. Moreover, a huge ring road is currently under construction near to this project. The distance between other famous destination of Islamabad i.e. Islamabad Airport, and Giga Mall and Rudn Enclave would reduce after the completion of Ring Road.   everybody wants to be in the best place possible. Other famous housing projects like 7 Wonders City, Bahria Town, DHA, and Model Town are only few minutes away from this housing project.

NOC Status

It is very important for any real estate venture to have a valid No Objection Certificate to prevent itself from any legal difficulties. A trustworthy NOC file certifies that the project is not involved in any kind of deceitful actions. The owners of this housing venture have successfully received the NOC agreement from Rawalpindi Development Authority. Several round of talks were held between both the entities after which the developers got the NOC approval.

Master Plan

Rudn Enclave is going to be one of the biggest housing venture in terms of size, which is evident from its Masterplan. The designers of the masterplan have showcased the overall design model of this project. It clearly shows that the entire project would have huge boulevards and well carpeted roads. The overall housing project spreads over the area of more than 18000 Kanal of land area. It would have different sectors from A to H along with the Executive Block and Farmhouses. Each and every block would be densely populated, and there would be some commercial spaces too. The overall sizes of the block would be as following:

Residential Blocks

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Blocks

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Executive Block

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal


Payment Plans

The owners of this housing project have recently released a payment plan, which shows that the entire housing project is going to be very affordable for every type of investors. As the project is currently under construction, so the plots would be available at lesser rates. However, they would increase further after the successful construction of this project. Different sizes of the plots have different rates, the more the sizes of plots, the more is the rate. The developers have given the option of 20 percent down payment with yearly installment options. The payment plan is also directly linked to the type of facilities that every sector offers. The payment plan is mentioned below

Residential Plots

Commercial Plots    Payment PLans


It is very important for the owners of any housing project to provide some unique features to their investors. Apart from location, features are something which gets the attraction by real estate investors. The developers of Rudn Enclave have planned to bring some unique experience to their residents. The resident might not have had such experience ever before. Some of the important facilities of this housing project are mentioned below:

Security for 24/7

The real estate investors always search for a place, where they might feel secure. So, the owners of Rudn Enclave would take efficient security measures to cater to the security needs of residents. They believe that a safe environment is necessary to promote safe investment. They have planned to appoint armed guards, who would keep an eye of every block. Moreover, they would install a huge surveillance gear at the entry and exit point to keep a check on every movement. There would also be CCTV camera and boundary wall around the premises of this project.

Gated Society

The entire housing venture would be completely gated, as it would be secure enough to prevent outsiders to enter without proper identification. There would be different gates at various points of this venture. The boundary wall of this project would determine the boundaries of this project.

Huge Roads Infrastructure

To ensure beauty and smooth travelling, the architects and engineers in this project have planned to construct huge roads. Such roads would ensure proper traffic system, and prevent any type of traffic jam. Each sector would have huge boulevards that would add a charm in the entire project.

Huge Parks

The developers of this housing project have  planned to develop huge parks, where the residents would have a privilege to release their stress. The parks would have swing for children, and huge jogging treks for adults. The families would have a good opportunity to spend some quality time, especially during vacations.

Civic Clubs

Every human is a social animal, so he/she requires some time to spend with other human. The only purpose behind such socialization is to get to know each other, and make more friendships. So, the developers have planned to develop various community clubs, where the residents would mingle with reach other. Moreover, there would be several game shows and quiz competitions that would encourage the residents to actively participate.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • State of the art security system
  • Huge parks
  • Efficient waste disposal system
  • Gated society with better surveillance


  • Perception of high prices of the plots
  • Located in a congested place

Development Status

The entire project is near its completion, as the architects of this project had come up with efficient strategy. A lot of plots have already been booked by different real estate investors. After Forest Town Islamabad, this housing project is much in demand.

Why should we invest in Rudn Enclave?

Rudn Enclave is going to be the first ever real estate project in Rawalpindi that aims to bring some new innovation in real estate sector of the city. The developers of this housing project want to provide a luxurious experience to their residents that they have not witnessed before. The best part about this project is that it is quite near to under construction Ring Road. The entire housing venture would be near to the Airport after the completion of Ring Road. Moreover, it is adjacent to the busy shopping complex in Rawalpindi known as Giga Mall, which further adds value to this project. As of now, the plots are available at reasonable prices but they might increase soon after the project completion. The entire housing project is going to be a dreamy place for real estate investment.


The entire housing venture is going to be an affordable for the investors in Rawalpindi. As of now, it is bringing a world class opportunity for real estate investor to make a good fortune for themselves. Furthermore, the payment plan of this project makes it easy for the investors to invest their capital with consistency. If you need more help with the investment in this project, you better visit Globe Real Estate. Our team of skilled real estate agent along with marketing team would provide you all type of guidance about the investment in this project.


Q1: What is Rudn Enclave?

It is an under-construction housing venture in Rawalpindi that is going to be a suburban community.

Q2: Who are the owners of this housing venture?
This project is brainchild of 
RMRSCO (Pvt) Ltd. and UPDL, and Mr. Rahim ud din acts as a CEO of this project

Q3: What is its NOC status?

Yes, the Rawalpindi Development Authority had approved the NOC of this project, which sows that it is completely legal. So, there are no chances of any type of fraud in this project.

Q4: Is it affordable?

Yes, as per the payment plan, the rates are quite less, and the investors can buy the plots through installment plans

Q5: Does it guarantee a huge profit return?

Yes, the payment plan of this project also proves that the investors would be able to gain huge return in coming years.

Q6: How many sectors are there?

According to the Masterplan of this venture, there are almost 12 sectors divided further into subsectors.



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