Park View City is an under-construction housing venture in Islamabad. It is going to be one of the most ecofriendly project surrounded by lush green hills. It is also going to have huge boulevard with carpeted roads. Due to its mesmerizing location, it has already received a positive feedback by the real estate specialists. The entire housing project is going to be one of the most elite venture with world class facilities. The only purpose to develop this housing venture is to increase the value of real estate market in Islamabad. With the development of this project, the real estate investor would witness the transformation of the entire city.

Developers and Owners

This housing venture is the brainchild of Vision group, which is owned by Mr. Aleem Khan, a political representative in Punjab Assembly. The company is famous for its work on some construction project, as evident by its name. The company follows a mission to transform the entire city with its innovative ventures. The main priority of the project developers is to provide elegant lifestyle to real estate investors. Some of the notable venture by this company are Park View Villas in Multan, and Park View Icon in Karachi. The company has a good reputation in the field of real estate development like Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.

Location and Map

When we it comes to making a real estate investment in a housing venture, location play an important role in that. Any housing venture with accessible location is most preferred by the real estate investment. The Park View City is locatable at Zone 4 Malot Road right adjacent to lush green hills in Bani Gala. It is only 5 minutes’ drive away from famous Bahria Enclave, and Serena Hotels. Its exotic location has caught the attention of its investors within no time. It comprises of almost 7000 Kanal of total land area. A 200 wide road is being constructed by Capital Development Authority, which would increase the accessibility of this venture. One can easily reach to this project through Kurri Road. The overall location of this housing project make it a fine example of tranquility and beautification.


NOC Status

The no object certificate of any housing project is significant, as it guarantees its legalization. The NOC certification is an evidence of no fraud being involved in the construction of this project. It also legalizes the entire project, which results in more trust by the real estate investors. Park View City has successfully got the NOC file from the CDA authorities. The NOC approval of this project proves that it is free of every fraud. So, the investor would not any problem during their plot reservation. However, the prices of the plots have further increased after the approval of NOC.

Master Plan

The designers of this housing venture have just released its Masterplan, which shows that it is going to be huge project. It spreads over more than 7000 Kanal of land areas, and divided into various sectors from A to H. Different sizes of plots are available and the prices of those plots vary as per the sizes. The designers of this project kept all type of modern ideas about infrastructure development in mind. This venture has an ideal location with huge boulevards and carpeted roads. The developers have fruitfully integrated the idea of beauty and development through this project. Furthermore, they are working on a huge commercial venture known as the Walk, which would highlight the commercial importance of this project.


Payment  Plans

The latest payment plan of this housing project proves that it would be very easy for the investors to purchase the plots at reasonable prices. An option to buy the desire plots is available at 25 percent down payment. Furthermore, there is also an option for 48 to 96 months installments, which makes it easy for the investors to buy the plots smoothly. The real estate investor may purchase through P.O/D.D/Cross Cheque in favor of park view city enterprise. There is huge chance of getting 5 percent lump sum payment by the developers.

Residential Plots

Payment Plan

Golf Estate


Development Status

The housing venture is near its completion, and the investors have booked huge number of plots. Especially with opening of overseas sector, a lot of overseas investors have begun filing the application for plot purchase. The masterplan also shows that a better standard of living would be provided to the residents. So, far residential plots are being constructed at the rapid pace, and 80 percent of their construction is complete. The developers are trying their best to deliver this project on time. The commercial sector of this project is very much in demand by the real estate investors. So far, a lot of family parks have been successfully completed, while the botanical gardens are still under development.


Generally, Park View City is going to be an ideal housing project with state-of-the-art facilities. Furthermore, the developers of this project have efficiently planned every its every sector. Following are some of the important feature that would completely define the entire project:

Entertainment facilities

The aim of the developers of this project is to become a center of entertainment and art. So, they plane to develop huge IMAX cinemas with 3D technology that would ensure luxurious cinematic experience. Furthermore, they are inviting prominent brands to give an exciting shopping experience to their residents.

Community centers

The developers of this project are developing different community center, where the residents would have a privilege to spend their free time. Such center would have all type of luxurious features such as bowling alley, juice bats, karaoke clubs, or sports centers. Such center would give mental relaxation to the ones, who are having a hectic day. There would be different quiz, and sports competition that would enable the residents to participate actively.

Secure Gated Society

Entire housing project would be gated, and no outsiders would be allowed to enter without proper identification. There would be huge boundary wall around the entire housing project. Moreover, the developers have planned to install a surveillance gear at the entrance point to make sure that every individual entering into the premises is properly checked. Different sectors would have armed guards, who would keep any eye on each and every movement within the premises of this housing project.

Quality Education

As education is one of the most important needs in today’s century. So, the developers have planned to establish huge universities and colleges with world class features. Such institutions would provide world class educational quality to the residents. The staff working in these institutions would mainly have foreign degrees to promote quality education among the residents.

Green Environment

As this project is located around the lush green hills, so the developers have planned to construct huge botanical parks for environmental sustainability of the entire project. They have planned to organize a huge tree plantation campaign for their investors, where they would have an opportunity to socialize with each other. The tree plantation would further increase the greenery of the entire housing project, and by helping in reducing pollution.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Perfect Location
  • A project with NOC Approval
  • Green Environment free of pollution
  • Efficient Security


  • Plots rate with high estimation
  • Development process has slowed down for a moment
  • Location far away from the main city

Why Invest in Park View City?

One of the biggest reasons to invest in park View City is its plots sizes that range around 1300 sq.ft to 2450 sq.ft.  It is also going to have a huge golf course, which would be financially supported by International Park Golf Association. The best part about this real estate project is its ideal location, which is only few minutes away from the main Islamabad Expressway. One of the main advantage of the entire housing project is that is situated in the Green Chak Shahzad Region. After Blue World City, this housing project is gaining positive comments by real estate analysts.


The designing strategy by the owners of this project prove that it would be the world class venture in the city of Islamabad. It would have a mesmerizing atmosphere, which would result in the increase of the beauty of this city. One can imagine from its masterplan that it would be an innovative project with a glimpse of some sort of international city. Its pre booking appointment in huge numbers have given tough competition to other housing projects in the federal capital. Now, is the best time for the investors to book the plots for themselves. So, they should visit the office of Globe Real estate, where the real estate agent would help them in their booking. Furthermore, the marketing team of our company would also share some investment insights about it.


Q1: What is Park View City?

It is an innovative housing venture in Islamabad that seeks to transform the entire landscape of the city.

Q2: Where is it located?

The entire housing project is locatable in Zone IV right at the center of Malott Road adjacent to famous Bahria Enclave.

Q3: Who are the developers of this housing venture?

This housing venture is being constructed by the vision group, which is the ownership of Aleem Khan, a member of Punjab Assembly.

Q4: Is it affordable?

Yes, the plots are available at lesser rate, as per the latest payment plan. The plots can be booked easily with two-year installment plan.

Q5: Does it guarantee a huge profit in return?

Yes, it is evident from the payment plan that the project would provide huge return on investment.

Q6: What are the respective plots?
The residential plots are available at the sizes of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. Along with that, the commercial plots are available at the rates of 3.5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal respectively.


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