Nova City Islamabad


Nova City Islamabad is an under-construction housing project being developed in the suburbs of Islamabad by Nova Developers. The Nova Developers is successfully working on this project. The project has best location that is adjacent to the CPEC route near Fateh Jang Road and under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, the overall design and outline of this project provides a chief location close to the twin cities. As per the owners, the plots would be available at affordable routes. 

Developers & Owners

The Nova Developers is the owner of this upcoming housing project. They are famous for delivering successful real estate projects in the past. Their NOVA city project is going to be a classic example of world-class infrastructure and development plan. They have hired talented engineers, who plan to make this project a success with their remarkable strategy. They are famous for their capability to remarkably orchestrate projects with extraordinary planning as compared to other builders. Furthermore, the main objective of the developers is to change the living lifestyle by introducing cutting edge technology. 

Location and Map

The location of NOVA City is perfect, as it is adjacent to CPEC route. It is less than 10 minutes drive away from the under-construction Ring Road, and can be reachable from Rawalpindi within few hours. It is only few minutes drive from Bango, Attock, and adjacent to M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Furthermore, the Islamabad International Airport is only 20 minutes away from it. Other housing projects such Capital Smart City, and 7 Wonders City is 5 minutes drive away from it.


NOC Status

It is important for any real estate project to have a legal approval for gaining the trust of the investors. So, it is necessary for the developers to get a No Objection Certificate. The owners of Nova City are talking to relevant authorities for its NOC approval. After the authorities give the approval, the construction process would speed up. Moreover, the investors of this housing project would invest their money with confidence. 

Master Plan

The developers of this housing project have recruited a skilled team of designers and architects, who worked on its Masterplan. The Masterplan shows the long-term commitment of the developers to provide a cosmopolitan facilities to their residents. It gives us the glimpse of luxurious facilities that the residents would not have experienced before. There would be huge parks, walking tracks, and carpeted roads. Overall, the infrastructure of this housing project is going to be quite unique. As per the Masterplan, there would be a dedicated land of around 10000 kanals for development of huge Parks. The entire housing project has different sectors, especially the ones for overseas investors. Some of the sizes of residential plots are as following

  • 5 Marla 
  • 8 Marla 
  • 10 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal 
  • 2 Kanal 

Nova City Payment Plan

The developers have launched a pre-launch payment plan, which shows that the plots are available at affordable rates. However, the rates would further increase after the NOC approval. So, now is the golden chance for the investors to buy the plots at reasonable rates. The developers would charge 10 percent of down payment. The payment plan of this real estate project is as following: 


It is important for the owners of any housing project to provide top-class facilities to their residents. The facilities make the life of residents comfortable, as they might not have to face any problem of living. Moreover, the facilities of this housing project show that it would have cutting edge technology that enhances the standard of living. Following are some of the notable facilities of real estate project.

Huge Mosque

The developers of this project have kept in mind the religious requirements of their residents. So, they have planned to construct huge mosques at every sector of this housing project. In those mosques, the worshippers would be able to pray in huge numbers without any disturbance. The architecture of the mosques would be world-class, and would give a beautiful look to the entire housing project.

Secure housing society

The security of the residents is amongst the main priorities of the developers. They believe that the success of the housing project relates to the security of the residents. So, they have planned to make the entire housing project, a gated community. The gated community would have all type of safety measure. The developers have planned to construct a huge boundary wall around the premises of the housing project. Such a wall would have 24/7 CCTV camera, and other surveillance gear that would keep an eye at every movement within the housing society. Furthermore, several armed security guards would be patrolling in the different sectors to make sure that no criminal activity takes place. The main motive behind all such security measure is to make sure that residents do not feel insecure. Above all, no outsider would be allowed to enter in the premises of housing project without proper identification. 

Huge Carpeted Roads

The architects behind this housing project are working on its elegant framework, which shows that there would be huge carpeted roads for smooth travel of vehicles. Such road would also give a beautiful sight of different sectors of this housing project. There would be a team of cleaners, who would make sure that roads are not dirty. 

Huge Parks

The developers of Nova City have made sure that the residents spend their leisure time without getting bored. So, they have planned to construct huge parks in different sectors. Those parks would have huge jogging track for adults, and swing for children. The parks would also small grounds, where some young residents can play cricket or football. The parks would also have huge trees and plants, so that the visitors can experience close to the nature lifestyle. 

24/7 supply of Water, Electricity and Gas

The residents of this housing project would have all type of basic necessities such as water, electricity and Gas. The developers have planned to install water filtration plants, which would supply purified water to the residents. Furthermore, there would be several power supply station in different sectors for the supply of Gas. The developers have ensured that would not be any kind of power, water, and gas outrage, even for a minute. All such basic necessities would be available for 24/7, so that residents would be able to perform their daily chores. 

Efficient Waste Management System

One of the most important features of this housing project is the efficient waste disposal system. The developers would install garbage dumps at different spots. Furthermore, there would be a team of waste disposal, who would be available to keep the streets clean from the garbage. The waste disposal system would be completely automated, and managed by professional for the comfort of the residents.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Efficient system of Waste disposal
  • World-class security measures
  • Environment friendly project


  • No Marketing Campaigns
  • Far from the twin cities
  • Huge Plots rates perception

Why Invest in Nova City?

One of the actual reasons to invest in this housing project is the prominent return on investment rates. It has an increased value because of the accessibility of upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route. The entire project has more value, as it is situated near the famous other housing project like Prime Valley, or Blue World City. Another important reason to invest in this housing project is its reasonable payment plan that it is available in installments. The rates of the plots are reasonable, so the real estate investors would be able to purchase the plots easily. The eco friendly environment of this housing project with world-class features make it worthy of more investment.


Nova City Islamabad is the housing project that offers all type of world-class features to its residents. Some of the important prerequisites of this housing project are 10 percent down payment. After that the buyers would have the access to the files of this housing project. A lot of skilled architects and designers have worked hard to make this project a success. For more details about the investment in Nova City, you may contact the agents of Globe Real Estate. Our agents have an expertise in marketing and real estate, so the interested investors would get all type of guidance. 


Q1- What is Nova City?

ANS- Nova City Islamabad is an upcoming housing project that is being developed in the suburbs of Islamabad.

Q2- Where is it located?

ANS- This housing project is locatable at the CPEC route, which is adjacent to under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Q3- Is it approved?

ANS- As of now, the owners of this housing project are talking to relevant authorities for its approval. However, the developers suggest that the talks have been successful, and they would get the NOC approval within a few months. 

Q4- Does this project guarantee a high return on investment?

ANS- Yes. Because of its perfect location and world-class facilities, its return rate on investment is going to be comparatively high.

Q5- Is it affordable?

ANS- The payment plan of this housing project suggest that the plots are available for booking at less rates and yearly installment plans.

Q6- Are there any commercial plots available for investment?

ANS- Yes, the payment plan of this housing projects has mentioned the rates of commercial plots.

Q7- What are the sizes of the plots?

ANS- This housing project has plots available at the sizes of around 5, 8, and 10 marlas, while the commercial plots would be of 1 and 2 Kanal.


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