New Metro City Gujar Khan is the forthcoming real estate venture that is under development in the main city of Gujar Khan. The owners and developers of this housing project are popular for their contribution towards real estate business in Pakistan. They have been delivering successful real estate projects before i.e. New Metro City Kharaian, or New Metro City Sarai Alamgir. Now, they want to provide quality housing services to the citizens of Gujar Khan. Investors irrespective of bank balance would face no barriers, while investing in this real estate project.

Owners & Developers

Bilal Bashir Malik, who acts a vice chairman to  Bahria Town is working with BSM Developers for this project. Both the real estate entities have delivered some quality real estate project in different parts of Pakistan. Moreover, they have a team of architects and designers, who are famous for their hard work. deliverables.

NOC Status

A no objection certificates is an important document that the developers of any real estate project must have. Such document ensure that there is no fraud involved in the project development, and it is free of scams. It is also helpful in gaining more confidence of the real estate investors. The owners of New Metro City Gujar khan are talking to government authorities for the approval of NOC. If the authorities approve the NOC, then the prices of the plots would increase more than before.

Location & Map

The location of any housing project is one of the most important aspects to look upon before going ahead with the investment i.e Kingdom Valley Islamabad. An ideal location not only determines the beauty or accessibility but also it highlights that the housing project is innovative in nature. So, the New Metro City Gujar khan would be situated at the Main GT road Gujar khan. It is only few miles away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Railway line, and Punjab Group of Colleges. The entire location remains the first priority of the real estate investors before making any long-term investment.

Location Map

Payment Plans

The Payment plans are the financial plans that determine, whether the housing project is easy to buy or not. The developers of this housing venture have not designed payment plan yet, but it would be soon. They have planned to allow their investors in to invest with easy installment plan. The entire payment plan would be affordable for every kind of investors. Currently, the rates of the plots are not that much expensive, as the entire housing project is in its pre-construction phase.

Master Plan

A masterplan is something that includes different sectors, and the development projects on this particular sectors. The designers of this project have designed its Masterplan, which shows that the entire housing project is going to be huge. There would be huge carpeted road with huge boulevards that would ensure smooth flow of traffic just like the one in 7 Wonders City Islamabad. The Masterplan of this housing project determines the plots as following:

NMC Plan

Residential Plots

Most of the land would be dedicated to residential plots, where the investors would have an opportunity to but a plot and construct their dream homes. The sizes of the Residential plots would be as follow:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marls
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The developers have also planned to dedicate a huge area for the commercial plots, where the investors would have the opportunity to construct corporate offices. The purpose behind construction of commercial plots is to assist the investors financially. The commercial plots would have the sizes as follow:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Development Status

The architects and designers of this housing project are working at a rapid pace. The owners are determined to provide some world class housing facilities to the residents in Gujar Khan. They are confident about getting the NOC as soon as possible. The NOC approval would not only result in gaining more confidence by the real estate investors but even the construction work would speed up more.


Facilities are important part of any real estate project, without which the project is of no worth. The innovative facilities of any housing project ensure that the residents live there at ease. Some of the mandatory facilities of New Metro City Gujar Khan are as following:

Environment friendly Environment

The developers have aimed to not only provide lavish housing facilities but also to contribute towards promoting ecofriendly environment. The developers have planned to build huge botanical gardens along with some green parks. Such measure are determinantal in promoting an ecofriendly environment. A huge tree plantation campaign would be carried out similar to Billion Tree Tsunami. There would be huge tree around different footpaths.

Educational and Medical Centers

The developers are also willing to cater to the medical and educational requirements of their investors and residents. For this purpose, they would construct huge educational sectors at different sector. There would be schools, and colleges with foreign qualified staff, and innovative curriculum. Apart from that, there would be huge clinics and hospitals with innovative facilities for the patients. The doctors working on those hospitals would be mainly foreign educated, and trained.

Commercial Hub

There would be a separate sector, where there would be commercial projects.  The owners have planned to construct huge shopping complexes, and some corporate offices to help residents in fulfilling their commercial needs. They would have an opportunity to construct huge shops within the premises of their shopping malls.

A secured gated society

The developers of this housing project want to make sure that the residents do not feel any kind of threat. So, they are determined to introduced a crime free housing project. They would install 100s of CCTV camera that would keep observe each and every movement on 24/7 basis. Every sector would have armed security guards that would be roaming around just to make sure that no suspicious activity takes place. The entire housing project would be surrounded by a huge boundary wall protected with a surveillance gear. Such measure would make sure that each and every movement within the premises of the housing project is thoroughly observed.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Ideal Location Site
  • Innovative housing features
  • Best educational facilities


  • Huge Plot rate perception
  • No NOC approval

Why Invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

The entire housing project would be the first ever innovative real estate venture in Gujar Khan. Such project would open the doors for more investment project in the City. The innovative feature of this project are the ones that are not available in any of the current housing project in Gujar Khan. Investment in this housing project would guarantee huge benefits in return. Moreover, the excellent reputation of the developers prove that this housing project would give a tough time to the competitors in real estate sector.


This housing project in Gujar Khan has potential to completely transform the real estate industry of Gujar Khan. As the BSM developers have delivered some innovative real estate project before, so one can be confident that are building this magnificent real estate project. So, the real estate investors of this housing venture have a huge faith that this would be a fruitful venture. We would recommend the investors interested in this project to visit the office of Globe Real Estate. Their team of talented marketing agents would help you out in coming up with better plan.


Q1. What is New Metro City Gujar Khan?

It is an upcoming innovative housing project in the city of Gujar khan that aims to provide world housing facilities to real estate investors.

Q2. Who are the pioneers of this housing project?

The BSM developers have partnered with Bilal Bashir Malik of Bahria Town for the work in this housing project.

Q3. Where is it located?

This housing venture is locatable at the main GT road in the center of Gujar Khan. It is only few miles away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Railway line and huge Gujar Khan mall.

Q4. What is the update about its NOC?

The developers of this venture are presently discussing with the government authorities for the NOC approval. As per the updates, the talks are successful.

Q5. What type of plots are available?

This housing project comprises of residential and commercial plots with different payment plan.

Q6. Is it a profitable venture?

Yes, given the reputation of developers and the excellent housing facilities that they are offering. One can assume that this project would be lucrative in return.


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