Lahore Smart City is an under construction elite housing project in Lahore that aims to completely revolutionize the real estate business. This housing project is going to be the most innovative and lavish housing project, where the residents would have all sorts of comfort. It would be a blend of commercial and residential lifestyle. The best part about this housing project is that it is going to be an ecofriendly venture just like Capital Smart City.

Owners and Developers

This housing project is the brainchild of Future Developments Holding limited, who is famous for some its outstanding engineering projects. The main purpose of the owners is to provide ultramodern lifestyle to the residents. They have recruited the team of qualified designers and technologists, who have a talent to make this unique project a success. Overall, the owners comprise of two famous companies: Engineering Dimensions Limited and China Lioning International Economic and Technical Cooperation. Both the companies have specialization in administration and consultancy.

NOC Status

The no objection certificate(NOC) is a compulsory file that owners of a real estate project must seek before moving ahead. The NOC file shows that their project comes under the domain of government, and there is no scam in it. Furthermore, NOC is also helpful in increasing the trust of the real estate investors. The developers of this housing project have got the NOC approval last year by Lahore Development Authority. Since then, a lot of plots are already under huge demand by the real estate investors in Lahore.

Location and Map

The location becomes an important factor, when looking for a suitable investment in any real estate project. It determines whether one can easily reach here, or it is near to some famous destinations. Moreover, it also denotes the overall beauty of the real estate project. Lahore Smart City is just few miles away from Lahore Bypass, adjacent to Lahore Ring Road. The developers have eyed at the central location, as they wanted it to become one of the important landmark of the city. One can easily reach here through M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, and Kala Shah Kaku GT Road Interchange.

Lahore Smart City Location

Master Plan

The developers of this housing project have recruited skilled architects and designer for its Masterplan. They imagined somewhat a remarkable project that may provide a glimpse of some international city. So, they have recently introduced a Masterplan, which shows that the entire project would have some state-of-the-art infrastructure. The entire project would divide into some sectors, and each sector would have its own facilities. Following are the main sectors of this housing project:

General Sector

This Sector would comprise of plots with the sizes from 5 Marla to 10 Marla. The developers are planning this block to cater to the needs of residential investors. Irrespective of the bank balance, every type of real estate investor would have a chance to construct a dream home for themselves.

Overseas Block

The owners of this housing venture have planned to cater to not only locals but even overseas investors. For this purpose, they have planned to develop an overseas sector that would be available for overseas investors only. Especially the Pakistani investors with foreign citizenship would have the best opportunity to build a dream home for their visit to Lahore.  It is going to be completely lavish, with huge houses and some commercial spots.

Executive Sector

This sector would be available with lavish facilities such as automated system, or excellent supply system. The sizes of the plots in this sector would be up to 1 Kanal. The residents of this sector would have more luxuries than the ones in other sectors.

Commercial Sector

The owners of this housing venture have also kept the commercial needs of their residents in mind. For this purpose, they have planned to develop a huge commercial sector, which would be beneficial for commercial needs. Such sector would have world class shopping plazas, retail stores, and corporate offices. The residents who aim to establish their own businesses would have a good opportunity to start their business through this sector. Majority of the plot sizes of this sector would range around 6 Marla.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plans

The owners of this housing venture have just prepared the payment plan, which shows that the plots would be available for booking at reasonable rates. Given the world class facilities of this housing project, the payment plan seems the best one. However, the prices of plots would increase soon after the successful completion of this venture. As of now, a 10% down payment option is also available for the plot reservation. The best part about the entire payment plan is that quarterly installment option is also available.

Residential Plots Payment Plan



Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Development Status

As per the latest update, the developers are working at speedy pace to make this housing project a success. They have just completed a huge boundary wall, which demarcates the premises of this project. They have began selling the plots at their pre-construction phase, as the plot prices are very low now. Their main sector A is 70 percent complete, and more plots are being booked. The architects are using heavy machinery for the quick completion of this venture.


The entire housing project involves some world class features, which makes it much different from other housing projects of Lahore. The owners of this project want to offer a fantastic housing experience to the real estate investors. It is might be a complete family venture, with huge innovation. Some of the mandatory feature of this project are mentioned below.

  • Silicon Valley
  • Farmhouses
  • Health Care Facility
  • Sports District
  • Educational Institutes
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Block


It is very compulsory for any housing venture to have some advanced facilities that would guarantee comfort to the residents. World class facilities guarantee more booking of the plots in any housing project. Following are some of the important facilities.

Efficient Design and Architecture

The professional architects of this housing venture composed a unique design of houses and some other tourist spots. The houses would have a huge width from inside with cutting edge technology. There would be huge carpeted roads to make sure that there are no accidents.

Smart Living

As the name of this project says all, the developers have planned to introduce some smart features efficient waste disposal system or automated cleaning system. Such feature would guarantee an innovative lifestyle that the residents might not have experienced before.

Commercial Hub

There would be a huge sector that would be dedicated to commercial plots, and would be available for business prospects only. The developers are planning to add another commercial spot in Lahore City through this sector. It would have huge shopping complexes with advanced technological features.

Efficient System of Security

The project developers are looking into security needs of their residents. So, they have planned to recruit armed guards that would be patrolling at every sector during night. The guards would make sure that there is no suspicious activity, and the entire project is free of crime. The boundary wall of this project already complete, and it would keep an eye on outsiders. There would be CCTV camera at every building to record each and every movement within the premises of the project.

Huge Parks

It is very important for any individual to enjoy his leisure time going away from home for a while. For this purpose, there would be huge parks, where the residents would have a luxury to enjoy with their families. Those parks would also have jogging tracks, where the individuals would be able to exercise and feel fresh. The jogging tracks are helpful for individuals looking to improve their inner breathing system.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Central Location
  • Innovative Infrastructure
  • Lavish facilities with reasonable payment plan


  • Slow development process
  • Huge plot rates perception

Why invest in Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City is going to be a first ever housing project in Lahore that is completely innovative in nature. The infrastructure of this housing project makes it a unique addition in the real estate sector of Lahore. Furthermore, the payment plan of this project is affordable for every type of investor. So, now is the best time to invest in this housing project, as it is in its pre-construction phase. The plots now available at lesser rates would get more expensive in the near future. It smart features are evident enough for the huge demand of the plots. Overall, the entire housing project has a potential to give touch competition to Park View City.


Lahore Smart City has a huge potential to change the landscape of the entire city. The cutting-edge technology involved in its construction ensure that this project would give a glimpse of some international city. The owners of this housing project are following global standards of real estate development, which guarantees lavishness. Globe Real Estate advises to invest in this project now, as the rates of the plots would increase more in future. You may negotiate with out team of real estate and marketing specialists, who would guide you about investment prospects of this housing project.


Q1- Who owns Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City is coming under the ownership of Future Development Holding Limited, who is famous for completing some outstanding projects.

Q2- Where is it located?

This housing project is locatable at Huge Grand Trunk Road, which is adjacent to Sialkot motorway.

Q3- Does it have the NOC approval?

Yes, Lahore Development authority has just granted the NOC approval recently after the successful negotiation with the developers.

Q4- Can one easily afford it?

Yes, the payment plan of this housing project proves that the investors can easily book the plots, as the installment option is available.

Q5- Does it guarantee a profit in return?
The installment option in the payment plan guarantees the there is huge chance of profit on investment return.

Q6: Does it have commercial plots?

Yes, as evident in the payment plan and Masterplan, the commercial plots are also available for booking at reasonable rates.


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