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Discovery Gardens is an under-construction housing project with an aim to provide world-class facilities to residents in Islamabad. Furthermore, with the help of urbane, efficient security measures and purpose-built facilities, the owners want to provide a socially diversified society. Moreover, Discovery Gardens is one of the successive real estate projects that would boom the real estate sector of Islamabad. Additionally, this housing project would have a smooth access to the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway, the New Islamabad International Airport, GT Road, DHA, Bahria Town, and other important sites in the twin cities.

Location and Map

This housing project has a perfect location as it is situated along the M-2 Motorway. It is near to Mouza Mujahid, which is adjacent to the Capital Smart City. Along with that, the new Islamabad International Airport is only a few minutes away from this housing project.


NOC Status

The developers of this housing project have submitted their files to the Rawalpindi Development Authority for the NOC. However, it is believed that this housing project will be legal, as the negotiations have been successful. It is important for any real estate project to have a valid NOC, as it shows the legality of the project.

Master Plan

The Masterplan of this real estate project is the most excellent and livable plan with all the world class facilities for the residents. As per the masterplan, this housing project is going for more expansion. It would have a stunning environment around Margalla Hulls, where the residents would have a pleasant lifestyle. They would have a luxurious experience near the Motorway.

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Owners and Developers

Discovery Gardens Islamabad is the project by Falaknaz Group an All-Pakistan Builders Association(ABAD). Falaknaz Group is famous for its successful real estate project in Karachi. It is synonymous with efficiency in the construction sector for past few decades. Their projects are innovative with state-of-the-art infrastructure and world class technology. They have got the success within less amount of time. On the other hand, ABAD is known for its world class efforts since 1975.

Discovery Gardens Payment Plans

This housing project has been launched with pre-launch rates as per its payment plan. The plots are available at affordable rates, and the payment plan is available with monthly installment plans.


Phase 1

Phase 1 Installment


The entire housing project is going to be a modern real estate complex. Moreover, The owners of this housing project are introducing some world class features to the project that would revolutionize the way residents live today. Although, Falaknaz Group has a history of delivering high-quality residential and commercial projects in Karachi. Furthermore, this housing project will be the first entertainment city of Islamabad that includes rides and attractions of global standards. Following are some of the essential features of Discovery Gardens Islamabad.

Gated Society

The entire project is going to be a gated society with efficient security measure. It would have a boundary wall with foolproof system to provide a protection for the residents. The one who are not the residents of this project would not be allowed to enter without passing through proper security checks. There would be several CCTV camera that would monitory each and every movement within the housing project. Furthermore, several security guys would be available at different sectors to keep a check at every house.

Grand Mosque

The developers want to cater to the religious needs of their residents. So, they would develop a huge mosque that would serve as a religious hub of the entire housing project. It is going to be a multistory project that would be able to host a huge number of worshippers. The mosque would also have a huge Islamic library, which would be a learning center for young children.


Educational Institutions


The owners of this project are committed to provide a world class education to the residents. So, the developers have planned to construct college and universities with foreign educated faculty.

Fitness Centers and Parks

Maintaining fitness is an important component of any individual life. So, the developers would establish Huge Parks and fitness center are to cater to the fitness needs of their residents. Moreover, kids would also have a facility to enjoy in parks.

Mini-Golf Club

The developers of this housing project have planned build a mini golf club that follows international standards. Such facility would provide a luxurious experience to the residents. Furthermore, a team of local and foreign professionals would work on the design and other facilities of mini golf club.

Commercial Hub

The owners of Discovery Gardens took every need of their residents into account, which includes commercial ones. So, there would be a seperate commercial zone that would comprise of all the commercial project i.e. retail stores, corporate offices, or malls. Moreover, the residents can satisfy their commercial requirements within the project’s premises. Apart from that, such commercial zone would provide new opportunities for business. Additionally, this entire project has the potential to become a future business hub.

Carpeted Roads

The entire project has a pleasant factor because of the huge major Boulevard and open streets. The masterplan of this housing project shows that there would be neat and carpeted roads that would be around 40, 60, 80, and 100 feet wide.

Peaceful Environment

Noise and air pollution have become a huge problem in the cities. Every persons wants to live a peaceful life in a serene environment. So, the entire housing project would make it easier for the residents to live a healthy lifestyle in a calm setting.

Horse Riding Club

The developers have also planned to build a premium riding clubs that will provide the residents with a unique and world-class horseback riding facilities. Furthermore, the horses will belong to well-known breed, and professional horse trainers would provide training to their houses.

Shooting Clubs

The owners of this housing project have planned to establish a shooting range with an open and closed practice facility with fully stocked Gun Shop. Such clubs would offer safe and smooth access to multi shooting disciplines such as Action Pistol Shooting, gun training, and Air Rifle Shooting.

Botanical Gardens

As city life is more chaotic, people become alienated from the natural beauty, which harms their health. The owners of this housing project are establishing botanical gardens to promote a healthy, and ecofriendly lifestyle. Those botanical gardens would also combine close-to-nature environment with all type of modern comforts. Above all, such gardens would also provide a one-of-a-kind experience, which have not been witnessed in Pakistan before.

Water Park

The residents would be able to experience the water filled family adventure after blue world city. They would have the facility to enjoy safe and fun water slides, alongside interactive play areas. Moreover, there would be a lazy river, where the visitors would relax and unwind during the daylight heat.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lavish Infrastructure.
  • World class amenities
  • Reasonable payment plan


  • Huge perception of the plot rates
  • NOC not finalized yet

Why should you invest in Discovery Gardens?

The real estate investment has become a need for every real estate investor in the current era. A lot of people have learned the importance of real estate investment, as the real estate business is increasing rapidly. Moreover, the rate of a huge area is helping investors to make a profit out of it. Before investing in any housing project, one should know which housing project or piece of land is favorable for investment.

Discovery Gardens is having a huge worth in terms of residential real estate investment. Moreover, the land of this project is regarded as a multibillion-dollar land, if an investor is looking for a long-term investment opportunity. This location of this project is ideal, as it is close to Islamabad, which is an administrative capital of Pakistan. Such important details can help you in investing in this housing project, which will make your life a lot easier and more luxurious. Moreover, real estate investors nowadays frequently inquire as to why it is important to invest in Discovery Gardens Islamabad. In today’s era, investment is an important component. Moreover, The next important project in Pakistan’s real estate sector is Discovery Gardens Islamabad.


Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a world class housing project that offers its residents a state-of-the-art lifestyle. Moreover, This housing project is a low-cost project that will help middle-class families in making their own homes near Islamabad. Furthermore, It is a good opportunity for the real estate investors to profit and the residents to live a healthy life. Contact Globe Real Estate for further details and to make a reservation.


1-What is Discovery Garden?

Discovery Garden is an upcoming housing project in Islamabad.

2-Where is it located?

This housing project is near to M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, and new Islamabad International Airport. One can reach through Rawalpindi ring road and the CPEC route at Chakri Interchange.

3-Is it approved?

No, the owners of this housing project are currently negotiating with Rawalpindi Development Authority for the NOC approval.

4-What is the overall size of the Discovery Garden?

The entire housing project covers the land area of more than 35,000 Kanal.

5-Is it affordable?

Yes, the owners of this housing project have launched a payment plan that monthly, and yearly installment plans.


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