Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a magnificent housing scheme developing in Islamabad like the Seven Wonders City. Moreover, the developers of this exceptional housing scheme are Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited. Furthermore, they are known for building high-quality deliverables. And the purpose of this housing scheme is to offer an eco-friendly living environment to all the residents. Moreover, the acquired land is 55,000 kanal. Furthermore, the amenities available in this housing scheme include all the basics and luxurious commodities. Lastly, to know more regarding the investment opportunities in this real estate project, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The Future Holding (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited are the developing this magnificent residential project. Moreover, both of them are famous for their exceptional real estate endeavours. Furthermore, the Habib Rafiq is known for the development work in Bahria Town and DHA in Islamabad. Moreover, they have a team of experts and professionals that always work effortlessly to create great and unique real estate endeavours. Lastly, they have worked on various housing schemes like Royal Orchard Sargodha, Mutaln and Sahiwal.

Capital Smart City NOC Status

Real estate endeavours are the dream investment of all individuals. Therefore, its legality is something all investors look at before making any long term investment. Moreover, the developers have received approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). But more land acquisitions will require a revised NOC. And soon, the housing society will have its updated legal status. Therefore, investment here will yield higher monetary benefits.

Location & Map

The site is the first aspect that all investors look at before making any real estate investment because it is not something that investors will do every day. Moreover, the developers are willing to provide the best lifetime investment for all the investors. Furthermore, the location is close to Islamabad International Airport and M-2 Motorway. And both of these sites increase the accessibility of this site. Lastly, to get a clear idea of the location, the site map is here:

Capital Smart City Islamabad location

Capital Smart City Payment Plans

The developers want to provide an affordable lifestyle to all investors. Moreover, the facilitation of an instalment plan will further help the investors in the buying procedure, and individuals from all economic backgrounds will be able to invest here. But, first, the developers should pay the downpayment to kick start the investment journey.

Several properties are available here that will help the residents invest in the properties of their wishes and preferences. Moreover, the additional charges will apply to the corner or prime location plots. All these charges must be payable to the final price of the property. Therefore, adequate guidance is mandatory before making any long-term investment. Lastly, the details of the relevant price are as follows:

Residential Plots (Executive Block)

Prices of properties here are also highly affordable. Moreover, the instalment plan is also available to ease investors’ buying procedures. Lastly, the details are here:

payment plan

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties are also the developer’s gift to all the investors that will be a bliss for all the investors. Moreover, the price details are as follows:

Capital Smart City Islamabad payment plan

Overseas Residential Plots

The residential plots are the charming aspect of this housing scheme. Moreover, the developers are keen to offer the best living spaces at affordable prices. Lastly, the residential details are as follows:

overseas payment plan

Overseas Commercial Plots

The commercial properties available at the overseas blocks are limited, and the investment here will be a bliss for all investors. Lastly, price details are as follows:

Capital Smart City Islamabad payment plan

Master Plan

The housing scheme has several properties available to ensure long-term and sustainable living standards for all the city’s investors and residents. Moreover, the options of different plot sizes will help the future residents make the customised long-term investment. Furthermore, there will be tons of facilities available in the residential endeavour that will help the residents attain a long-term sustainable lifestyle. Lastly, the master plan includes several Sectors and properties that are as follows:

  • Residential Sector
  • Commercial Sector
  • Recreational Sector

Capital Smart City Islamabad master plan

Residential Sector

The sector comprises of majority of the properties. Moreover, several sizes will be available here that will have all the amenities to offer to the investors. Furthermore, the best aspect is to provide high-end, affordable living standards to all the future residents. And the best factor is the instalment plan that will enhance the investment capacity of the investors. Lastly, the blocks available here are:

Hills Vista

The block has several properties available, including golf courses and farmhouses. Moreover, the prices of these properties are highly affordable to make the interest of the investors. Furthermore, there will be a golf institute for those who love learning the sport. Therefore, investment here will be a long-term asset.

Crystal Lakes

The lake separates the residential and commercial sectors. Moreover, the block contains the cinema, shopping centres, a floating village and a dancing fountain. Furthermore, the developers want to invest in the best possible future for all the investors, so investing in this block may yield higher monetary benefits.

China Village

It is close to crystal lake and has several properties that will help future residents make a great asset. Moreover, there will be a provision for a shopping mall where the future residents can make a monetary benefit. Furthermore, the developers are looking to make several other facilities in this block.

Overseas Block 

The housing society offers the best living standards to all overseas investors at highly affordable prices. Moreover, the sizes of the plots will be several to ensure that the investors must have a preferable lifestyle. And the best aspect of the overseas block is that it has several facilities to offer to all the investors. And it will all basics and high-end commodities. So lastly, it will be an ideal investment for all overseas investors.

Commercial Sector

Commercial sectors also involve several benefits for all the future residents. Moreover, the developers are concerned with making the investors worthy of making a valuable asset. Furthermore, the prices of the properties are also reasonable, and all investors can grow themselves financially. Lastly, this block will have the following features:

Financial Square

The area has private apartments that will help the investors make the assets. Moreover, the investors can rent the property to earn an extraordinary amount. Furthermore, the corporate activities can perform there. And the commodities for meetings and workshops will also be available to all the investors.

Aviation Village

The Islamabad International Airport is close to this real estate endeavour. Moreover, the developers are building an aviation village with substantial stock rooms with cold capacity. Furthermore, the offices and lodges here will also help the aviation staff.

FDH Buildings

There will be a sales building in the housing society. Moreover, the developers are building this to offer the best guidance to investors and the residents. Furthermore, the primary purpose of the building is to have a business hub where investors can make themselves financially grow.

Recreational Sector

The recreational sector will help the resident in attaining a sustainable living standard. Furthermore, the housing scheme will offer healthy and peaceful lives by providing health and fitness areas like parks and gyms. Lastly, the sector may include:

Holiday Parks

The housing society will have holiday parks that will facilitate the investors and the future residents to make a holiday near home. Moreover, theme parks will be available to offer amusement to all investors. And the bird park will also be open. Lastly, guest houses will be known to provide the facilitation to all the investors.

Garden Parks

The developers want to contribute to the climate. Moreover, there will be three parks available that will have seasonal flowers. Furthermore, the garden will make the environment green and a more peaceful place to live.

Development Status

The magnificent housing scheme is developing at a fast pace. Moreover, the developers are using high-tech tools for construction work. Furthermore, Harradine golf is here to construct the Capital Smart City golf course. And the Movenpick will also build their hotels and resort in the housing scheme. Moreover, the construction of the National Defence University will also start the construction work soon here.

Furthermore, high quality is the main agenda of the developers; that is why the development work might take some time. Therefore, investment here is mandatory because once the development work starts, the plot prices might increase once the housing scheme starts. Lastly, the latest development updates will be available on the Globe Real Estate website.


The Capital Smart City has several features, and some of the vital of them are as follows:

  • Eco-friendly Housing Scheme
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Educational Institutes
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Fitness Areas
  • Commercial Plots
  • Bird and Theme Parks
  • Parking Areas
  • Apartment and Buildings
  • BRT System
  • Urban Facilities
  • Grand Mosque


The Capital Smart City has several amenities that will offer the best lifestyle to all investors and future residents.

Eco-Friendly Housing Society

The developers are making an eco-friendly real estate project to help the residents live in a serene and peaceful area. Moreover, the developers will construct theme parks with seasonal flowers to add serenity to the community. Lastly, the plantation drive will help the community go greener and more serene.

Provision of all Basics

The developers offer all investors the basics, including electricity, water, and gas. Moreover, all these facilities will be available 24/7 at highly affordable prices. Furthermore, the developers are keen to offer the best living standards to all the investors. Therefore, investing here now is mandatory.

Health and Educational Units

The developers will offer the best health and educational facilities to all the investors. Moreover, the health care units will have all the international standards’ equipment to provide the best medical facilities to future residents. Furthermore, the educational institutes available here will also have the international standard to offer the best learning experience to all the students.

Secured Residential Scheme

The housing scheme is fully secured. Moreover, it is a gated community that has the latest technology available to gaud the community. Furthermore, there will be CCTV cameras Installed in the community that will record all the activities going around. And the security guards will also be available 24/7 to mitigate any inconvenient situation.

Business Hub

The developers want the future residents to grow financially. Moreover, several sizes of properties will be available where investors can start a business according to their preferences and needs. Furthermore, the prices of these commercial properties will be highly affordable with an instalment provision. Therefore, the investment here will be valuable.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The housing society has several advantages; all future residents will benefit from a better living. Moreover, the benefits are as follows:


  • Eco-Friendly Residential Project
  • Ideal Location
  • Affordable Properties
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Commercial Areas
  • Gym and Fitness Areas
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Access to all basics
  • Medical Units
  • Educational Institutes
  • Parking Lots
  • Apartments and Buildings
  • Grand Mosque
  • Salons and Spa
  • Shopping Malls and Groceries


  • The perception of high plot prices

Why Invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad?

The housing scheme here will have all the basics and luxurious commodities for its investors. Moreover, the developers offer all investors the best real estate investment option. And the best aspect of this housing scheme is its location close to the Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, the prices of the properties are also highly affordable with an instalment plan. Furthermore, the commodities available here will be high-quality, ensuring a healthy and long-term investment. And for the residents of the twin cities, this real estate investment is the most viable option. Therefore, invest here now for a better and bright future, just like Park View City.


The Capital Smart City will be here that will have the best facilities and features for its residents and investors. Moreover, the developers have the best construction techniques to ensure a high-quality infrastructure. And the best aspects are the location and the prices that will encourage the investors to make a valuable investment here. Furthermore, the commodities available here will be essential and luxurious, offering sustainable lifestyles to all future residents.

And the development work will also soon take its place, and once the development work starts, the prices will see a spike. Therefore, investing in this magnificent housing society will be highly valuable. Lastly, keep visiting Glob Real Estate to know more about this marvellous housing scheme.


Q1. What is Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a magnificent housing scheme developing in Islamabad.

Q2. Where is its site located?

The site is adjacent to Islamabad International Airport and M-2 Motorway.

Q3. Who are the developers and Owners of this housing scheme?

The Future Holding (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited are the developing this magnificent residential project.

Q4. Is the location accessible?

The Closeness to Islamabad International Airport makes it an accessible real estate endeavour.

Q5. Is there a provision for an instalment plan?

Yes, the instalment plan is available here.

Q6. Are there commercial properties available?

Yes, commercial properties will be available to help future residents grow economically.

Q7. Is the housing scheme legal?

The developers have received approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). But more land acquisitions will require a revised NOC, and soon the society will receive its complete legal status.

Q8. Is investment here worthy?

According to the benefits available here, the investment here will be valuable.

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