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1947 Housing Society  Islamabad

1947 Housing is the Sigal Developers-built housing society in Islamabad with a short distance from Chakri in Rawalpindi and the M-2 Motorway. The project will be built and constructed to represent the nation’s cultural characteristics.

Massive real estate developments have been made in Pakistan due to the country’s dramatic population change to offer the highest living standards. However, meeting the requirements set in 1947 Housing Scheme in Islamabad  Housing Scheme in Islamabad is challenging. The home development is well positioned in Islamabad, the country of Pakistan. The Residential Scheme in Islamabad aims to revive the traditional way of life of Pakistanis while providing contemporary conveniences.

It is a fantastic housing complex that consists of residential and commercial structures that are furnished with the best amenities and conveniences. Everybody will enjoy a modern lifestyle in the Housing Society at a low cost. Thus, the  residential concept is a beautiful idea that combines contemporary amenities with our past.


Pakistan has seen rapid urban growth with several housing constructions during the last 40 years. It is a unique housing development that offers modern facilities and infrastructure along with residential, business, and public living standards. A distinctive living experience, ranging from a high-end lifestyle to inexpensive accommodation, is guaranteed by 1947 Housing. As a result,  Housing society will develop into a lovely human community with a blend of our cultural history and all modern comforts.

After it is finished, the 1947 housing project will help close the generation gap. In addition, our society’s historical and cultural values will be restored via an innovative approach to real estate development.

Developers and Owners

The Sigal groups are the architects and proprietors of  1947 Housing Islamabad. The company have acquired a significant position in delivering construction services. The Housing society is now building its standards as a model for all other modern communities, under the excellent guidance of Sigal Group Development.

Who are the Sigal Group?

Sigal Group is unparalleled in providing services connected to real estate and production development. One business that works to create a robust and dynamic infrastructure is Sigal Group. The five Sigal Group partners play a critical role in the expansion of development and construction. The business has completed several real estate ventures. They are now working on building these properties. 

  • Oaks of Murree
  • Apartment Services Hotel
  • Villas Sigal
  • Towers MS
  • 1947 Housing Islamabad

Location & Maps

When deciding whether to invest in the real estate sector, it is crucial to examine the location. It may significantly impact growth and fluctuation. A big part in luring investment to this complex is played by house projects located in quiet neighbourhoods. Therefore, the fact that Blue World City  Housing Islamabad is situated in the capital city is beneficial.

Housing society is located near M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway , and several more sizable developments are planned for Islamabad. Therefore, the dwelling in 1947 Islamabad is the best living environment for those who desire a house in calm surroundings with a dynamic atmosphere. Moreover, it provides residents with a romantic way of life.

The airport in Islamabad is about ten minutes away from society. The most critical and pervasive aspect of the civilization is the ease of access from the two cities.

1947 housing islamabad location map

NOC Status

The owners of this housing development are in discussions with the appropriate authorities to get the NOC permission, which they will receive very shortly. It is not, however, an illegitimate housing project. The project’s developers have asked Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) for the regulatory body’s NOC permission. The investor’s reaction to the housing project has been overwhelmingly positive even before the NOC was approved.

Furthermore, the investors’ faith in the project’s development is the sole factor contributing to this positive reaction. Additionally, since it requires multiple additional clearances, the NOC approval procedure is technically time-consuming. The permissions include providing gas, electricity, and water and selling the buyer’s land. Therefore, it makes sense that the NOC clearance process takes time as the developers need to get permission from all necessary departments. As a result, the whole process might take more than a year.

A NOC’s approval is crucial

The builders provide the regulatory bodies with all the necessary paperwork. The appropriate government then adds it to their area’s official list of permitted real estate projects. The proprietors of any housing project who begin building before receiving official clearance might face criminal charges. As a result, the regulatory authority adds that project to its list of unlawful housing projects, which may put the occupants in a challenging financial situation. Therefore, it is impossible to undervalue the significance of NOC certification.

Payment Plan

The Housing Society offered a cheap and economical payment plan in 1947 in addition to its stunning location and exceptional amenities tailored exclusively for the demands of its shareholders. The correct payment schedule, in summary, is the secret to drawing customers. It makes investment accessible to a broad spectrum of people, even those on the lowest wage. For example, a 05 Marla property may be reserved for Rs 163,500, while an 08-square-foot plot can be reserved for Rs 255,000.

This 1947 Housing Islamabad Society is a commendable choice if you’re seeking an apartment complex with top-notch amenities and services, a tranquil location and a lively vibe in the neighbourhood. However, a 10,000 processing charge is necessary. Please follow the payment plan to make the balance due.

It features top-notch amenities and infrastructure in a desirable location. This payment plan was created with allocation and possession fees in mind is crucial. You get ownership of the residence in the 1947 Housing Society and Nova City after the allotment, possession, and allocation fees have been paid.

The dealers firmly believe in the new trend and that Pakistanis do not possess the allure of their predecessors. On the other hand, the Masterplan housing complex allows you to experience the past since artefacts inspired it. It combines elements of antiquity and modernism. This project will offer contemporary facilities while restoring the legacy of the time before the partition. The Housing  Scheme repayment plan is designed to accommodate the requirements of regular Pakistani citizens.

1947 housing islamabad payment plan

Master Plan

However, Block A, which consists of four Mohalas, may be found here. The organization has now set up their map such that it revolves around Mohalla Liaquat Ali Khan. The most distinguishing aspect of society that makes it possible for individuals to see themselves as a family living together is its housing structure.


The creators of the 1Housing scheme divided it into many areas to make it simpler and more comfortable for your comfort and simplicity of usage. Every Sector in this home development is furnished with every amenity available. Upon payment of a 30% deposit, you may book one of the locations you like.

Residential Plots

Various residential property sizes are offered to accommodate future inhabitants’ demands. And the characteristics here are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Additionally, commercial properties are cost-effectively priced. Most significantly, offering an instalment plan will make future residents’ investments easier. The available plot sizes are as follows:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla


Development Status

The housing development is progressing quickly. Additionally, the lands are being levelled, and development activity will begin shortly. The roads are also finished, making it easier for guests and potential residents to go to the housing society. Most significantly, the developers provide all investors and potential inhabitants access to top-notch infrastructure. As a result, the development work is progressing steadily. Since the NOC for this residential project is still being reviewed, the development will pick up speed as soon as this housing society acquires legal status.


A range of features, from the most basic to the most luxurious, is offered here. Additionally, the following additional functionalities are provided here:

All Basic facilities are available.

  •         Ideal Location
  •         Sufficient price range
  •         Superior Infrastructure
  •         Colleges and Schools
  •         Centre for Health Care
  •         Shopping Malls
  •         a parking lot
  •         Industrial Zone
  •         Parks & Theme Parks
  •         Secured Gated Neighborhood
  •         Environmentally responsible
  •         Large Mosque
  •        A sufficient sewerage system



However, all of them are furthermore offered at a reasonable price.

All Basics are available

Future inhabitants and investors are given access to all the necessities by the developers. Furthermore, they are the fundamental requirements for achieving sustainable living conditions. Additionally, reasonably priced power, water, and gas will be accessible. Most significantly, all these essentials will be available around the clock to improve future inhabitants’ living conditions.

Opportunities for Business

Commercial buildings owned by the housing societies will aid tenants’ financial independence. Additionally, the prospective inhabitants offer various plot sizes at affordable prices.

Secured Gated Neighborhood

All investors require security as a foundation to guarantee sustained living standards. Additionally, CCTV cameras are situated here to document every activity. The security officers will also assist in minimizing any disruptions to society.

Environmentally responsible

The builders take care to adhere to the rules of urban town planning. Additionally, it promotes sustainable development and reduces waste. Additionally, the developers are conducting planting efforts to make sure that everyone living there has a safe and tranquil atmosphere.

Centre for Education and Healthcare

The educational institution is a fundamental need for everyone living there. Additionally, educational institutions shall adhere to global learning standards. Further, healthcare facilities will be accessible to the inhabitants around-the-clock in case of emergency. Investment possibilities will be lucrative as a result of this.

Superior Infrastructure

The housing society features a top-notch infrastructure that will guarantee a good level of life for every inhabitant at a reasonable cost. Additionally, the excellent infrastructure makes commercial prospects possible. Consequently, investment here will provide greater financial rewards.

Pros & Cons

Investing in this real estate has several advantages, some of which are listed below:


  • Accessibility to all necessities
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Grounds and Parks
  • Society for Affordable Housing
  • Ideal Place
  • Large Mosque
  • A sufficient sewerage system
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Secured Gated Neighborhood
  • Recreational Area
  • Malls and Shopping Area
  • Commercial Plots



  • The impression that plot costs are high


Why Make an Investment in 1947 Housing Islamabad?

The 1947 Housing Society provides both investors and inhabitants with several advantages. Additionally, the housing society is in a prime position, making it easy to reach critical locations like the Srinagar Highway, M2 Motorway, and Islamabad International Airport. Additionally, the master plan is distinctive and guarantees sustainable living conditions for investors and inhabitants. The fact that they will be reasonably priced is very significant. Further, the availability of an installment plan will persuade more locals to invest in this place. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the investment made here will result in more significant financial gains. Last but not least, go to Estate Land Marketing’s official website to learn more about the most recent developments.


The residential development is one of the best housing societies in the Islamabad area. Additionally, the site is quite accessible and near to all the critical locations. The master design also has several facilities to guarantee all future inhabitants of a high level of life. Most significantly, the payment schedule includes an installment plan to consider affordability. Additionally, various properties are available to meet residents’ and investors’ housing needs in this area.



Q1: What is the 1947 Housing Islamabad, exactly?

A housing society close to Chakri Interchange is this one.

Q2: What city is this residential development in?

It is close to the M2 Motorway and Chakri Road.

Q3. Is the payment schedule reasonable?

Yes! The payment plan is affordable.

Q4: Is there an installment plan?

Yes, an instalment plan is available to help investors with their purchasing power.

Q 5: Is there a market for commercial plots?

Yes , there are reasonably priced commercial plots here.



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