The newest housing project, Prism Town Gujar Khan, aims to provide the most significant living conditions for all Pakistani inhabitants, particularly those in Gujar Khan. Additionally, developers are providing excellent deliverables at a prime location. The accessibility, which links the neighborhood to the essential attractions, is the most attractive feature. Additionally, the housing organization helps Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad. This house plan’s facilities make it the perfect real estate investment.

Prism Town Gujar Khan

The Prism Estate & Builders-built housing society Prism Town Gujar Khan is said to have received TMA approval. Prism Town was successfully inaugurated on July 22, 2022, and construction has been going on since that month. For investors, the organization has residential and commercial properties available.

A well-planned home community to offer abundant living at a reasonable price is Prism Town in Gujar Khan. Various investment options are available via the project: residential plots of 5 marlas, ten marlas, and one Kanal. Moreover, to make the society one of the top housing societies in Pakistan, the proprietors included all the opulent facilities in its master design.

Developers & Owners

Prism Estate and Builders are building this spectacular real estate development. Additionally, they have over 17 years of expertise and have constructed excellent housing designs. Furthermore, because of their rigorous work ethic, investors have faith in them. Despite this, they have a crew full of Nova City professionals and specialists. As a result, both their work product and project delivery are excellent. Last but not least, the builders have already made an effort to improve people’s lives by giving them the most effective housing options.

NOC Status

For all investors, the certificate of no objection serves as a symbol of legitimacy. The developers also have TMA Gujar Khan’s permission, which makes this investment reliable and secure as a real estate investment. The housing programme will also be a beneficial investment for all investors. Additionally, if you want to make a sound investment, you must act quickly since as development work moves forward, the value of the properties will rise.

Location & Map

Before making any long-term investment, all investors and potential inhabitants consider the site; this housing project is conveniently located. Additionally, the location is barely 3 kilometers from Gujar Khan on GT Road. Additionally, Al Manan’s Marriage Hall is nearby. As is well known, one of the preferred investment destinations for Twin Cities residents in Gujar Khan. Several housing projects, like the New Metro City Gujar Khan, are also being built here. Consequently, making a real estate investment will be advantageous.


Payment Plan

The housing programme provides the most reasonably priced houses under their initial payment schedule, including the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. According to the costs, there will also be three different plot sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Additionally, the inclusion of an instalment is icing on the cake. The buyers will also be able to make a sensible investment thanks to the twelve quarterly instalments. The down payment is a need to begin the investing process.

Master Plan

The master plan is currently under construction but will be released shortly with more detailed features. Additionally, the properties offered here will come in various sizes to accommodate the occupants’ needs. In addition, it would contain business and residential plots for Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad, similar to Blue World City Islamabad.


The details of Residential and Commercial Blocks are given below:

Residential Plots

The most significant part is that they will be reasonably priced, too. Last but not least, the possible property measurements are:

Commercial Plots

Investors will be able to make a sizable profit from commercial buildings. Additionally, investors have two options: rent the property or launch any commercial enterprise. High-quality infrastructure will also be present, improving both living standards and corporate expansion. And the following properties will be offered here:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development Status

The community’s development work will shortly get underway. But first, there will be roads so potential residents and investors may visit the housing project. Additionally, the building process will include worldwide town planning principles. And less garbage will be produced when civilization develops as a result. The housing development is still in its early stages, which makes the investment here affordable and is the most exciting aspect. Additionally, if the housing market expands, so will the rates.


The housing project will include exceptional features to improve the quality of life for potential occupants. And the most noticeable characteristics are:

  • Boulevard Main
  • Wide Streets and Roads
  • Large Mosque
  • Grounds and Parks
  • Industrial Zones
  • a parking lot
  • Subterranean Electricity
  • Secured Gated Neighborhood
  • Security cameras
  • All Basics are available.
  • Malls and stores
  • Medical Facilities
  • Education Center


Here, you may find the amenities that all investors in home projects want. The amenities that will spread the fastest include:

Sustainable Housing Program

Furthermore, the developers will ensure a clean and green real estate alternative, regardless of whether the area is for corporate or residential endeavors. In addition, the neighborhood is now undergoing a tree planting project that will provide peace.

Secured Gated Neighborhood

Living in a secure environment encourages people to invest in gated communities. Additionally, the housing projects will provide this feeling of security to all of its potential tenants. Therefore, there will be less likelihood of any communal unrest.

All Basics are Available

Thanks to the developers, everybody will be able to live up to the highest standards. Essential services like water, electricity, and gas are necessary and required in every dwelling plan. Additionally, they will be available constantly, improving the standard of life. Additionally, they will be affordable enough to support a lucrative and sustainable lifestyle.

Business Center

The investors will be able to make financial benefits thanks to commercial properties. There will also be different property sizes. They will also be reasonable enough to qualify as an excellent real estate investment. Additionally, an instalment plan will increase the worth of your funds and make purchasing more straightforward. Lastly, commercial premises might help rent as well as any startup environment.

Superior Infrastructure

Long-term living standards will be attained with the aid of the infrastructure. Furthermore, it will assist in producing more leads for commercial objectives. As a result, the investment made here will provide the highest financial returns and level of life. Last but not least, the attractive infrastructure will enhance the housing project.

Pros & Cons

All investors have received several incentives from the developers. And these are the key advantages:


  • Superior Infrastructure
  • Secured Gated Neighborhood
  • Sustainable Housing Program
  • All Basics are Available
  • Industrial Zones
  • a parking lot
  • Malls and stores
  • Large Mosque
  • Areas for Sports and Fitness
  • Affordable Residences
  • Ideal Place
  • Grounds and Parks
  • A sufficient drainage system
  • Colleges and Schools


  • the idea of pricey houses

Why Make an Investment in Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Prices also demonstrate if an investment is rational. A payment schedule will also make the procedure possible. Additionally, amenities and features promote a lucrative and sustainable way of life. The people would have access to all necessary luxury goods, which is the most crucial aspect. Last but not least, the investment at this pre-launched stage will now be fair.


The most fantastic amenities are available to investors and potential residents at Prism Town Gujar Khan. Additionally, Prism Estate and Builders are developing this distinctive real estate venture. Additionally, they want to design a home with all the amenities needed for a sustainable way of life. Further, the location and costs may be the fascinating aspects that draw residents from all surrounding areas. Additionally, the instalment plan is available, guaranteeing an easy purchasing experience. Most significantly, the high-quality infrastructure and affordable rates will be a choice for a company’s establishment. The most incredible offers and advice for investing in Prism Town will be provided by Globe Real Estate, to sum up.


Q1. What is Prism Town Gujar Khan?

Ans. The newest housing project, Prism Town Gujar Khan, aims to provide the most extraordinary living conditions for all Pakistani inhabitants, particularly those in Gujar Khan.

Q2. What is the Prism Town sitemap?

Ans. Just 3 miles separate the location from Gujar Khan on GT Road.

Q3. Who constructed this housing project?

Ans. Prism Estate and Builders are building this spectacular real estate development.

Q4. Are pre-launch prices offered?

Ans. Yes, the pre-launch special prices are currently available.

Q5. Are commercial plots going to be offered?

Ans. Commercial properties will indeed be offered.

Q6. Where can I locate the finest investment opportunity in this area?

Ans. For investment advice and the finest bargains in Prism Town, turn to Estate Land Marketing.

Q7. The instalment plan is it included in the pre-launch rates?

Ans. Yes, there is a simple instalment plan available at launch prices.

Q8. When will the development of the housing project begin?

Ans. The building and development work will soon start.