New City Paradise is a new housing project that is currently under construction near Twin Cities. Furthermore, the entire housing project is an ideal site, which makes such a highly accessible housing project. The developers of this venture are in the field of real estate since decades. The owners are working hard to grow their business and generate huge leads.

Owners & Developers

This housing project comes under the administration of Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman, who have a huge experience of real estate business. The project developers have been proving  their work with their already previous projects like New City Wah with two phases in the name of Phase 1 and Phase 2. The entire housing venture is an excellent and state of the art project that successfully grabbed the attention of all real estate investors. The developers have claimed that the world class infrastructure would be very unique in the twin cities.

NOC Status

Any real estate project must prove its legality, so it needs to have a valid No Objection Certificate. It not only ensures the legality but also helps in attaining the confidence of the real estate investors. The developers of this housing venture were successful in getting a valid NOC. It is a legal housing project that aims to provide a sustainable and ideal lifestyle to the residents of twin cities. The government’s body known as Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has approved the legal of status of New City Paradise. Besides, it is going to be professional example of developers providing a new residing space with legal status. The entire worth of this property would increase with the passage of time. So, the investment in this project might be lucrative in upcoming days.

Location & Map

It is important for any housing project to have a location, which is not only accessible but also beautiful. So, the location of this housing venture is adjacent to M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway,  and CPEC Route. This accessible point is not lesser than 1 km from Burhan Interchange. Technically, it comes under the Wah City of Punjab, which also comes into the Rawalpindi District that one can easily access through GT road route. One of the best aspect about the location of housing venture that it would be accessible from two points. Its location from M1 Motorway, and GT Road makes it accessible to many economic zones and educational institutions nearby.


Payment Plan

The developers of this housing project have released the payment plan, which is available for pre-launch rates. The reasonable payment plan of this housing project would make it easy for the investor to pour their money in it. The entire payment plan also has a separate option for payment in installments. Those installment option rely mainly on yearly and monthly basis. However, the rate might increase further after the speedy completion of this housing project.

Master Plan

The developers of this New City Paradise have worked with several real estate specialists and designer to formulate its masterplan. It is evident from the masterplan that the entire housing venture spreads over to more than 1000 Kanals of land area. Different plots here vary in size, and comprise of world class facilities as per the Masterplan. Overall, the sizes of some plots begin from 5 Marla, and almost no higher than 1 Kanal.


An Environment friendly project

The entire housing venture will have more trees for making it greener and tranquil. Furthermore, the construction procedure of this housing project involves some ecofriendly machines. The entire construction is taking place, as per the global standards. Other than that, there is high chance of lesser damage to the area for curbing climate change.

Basic Necessities

Any housing project needs to have some world class facilities such as electricity, water, and gas, are available for the resident every hour. The residents are going to witness more of filtration plants near to their homes. Furthermore, the underground electricity will be available for residents all the time, so that they don’t face any problem. The facilities would even improve the quality of living at affordable rates. All of such facilities would be helpful in providing the best facilities.

Medical & Educational Services

The residents of this housing venture would have all the world class medical services for 24/7. There would be huge medical centers around different corners of this society with some of the world class healthcare services and facilities. The world class healthcare facilities would contribute to the quick and operative cure of diseases or any other medical emergencies. Also, there would be some huge educational centers with an international curriculum that will be helpful for students to achieve the educational goals. Those institutions would not be only for the residents, but also for the ones residing outside.

Best Quality Infrastructure

The entire infrastructure of this housing society would present a wonderful architecture of this housing project. The infrastructure would give a glimpse of some international alpha city. The infrastructure clearly shows that not only residential but even for commercial prospects this project would be beneficial. It is going to be some attractive investment especially for the investors living outside of Pakistan.

Business Prospects

Although a lot work is remaining for commercial project but the developers guarantee that there are some viable commercial opportunities. The owners reveal the details about some commercial properties available in the entire project very soon. It seems that the entire site has the opportunity to increase the number of deals and value of business prospects here. Moreover, the rates of commercial plots would be helpful in launch of any business. The developers of this project are encouraging a lot of businesspersons to launch their ventures through this housing project. Overall, there is a good structural quality for commercial plots.

Efficient security means

The developers of this housing venture have planned efficient measures to enhance its security. They are working hard to make it much peaceful project for the residents. The security measures by the developers would make it a more peaceful and protective residential project. Furthermore, the community gate would have latest technological advancements like CCTV cameras and face recognition that would help investors achieving their necessary living standards. The armed security guards would be moving around to spot any potential criminal activity.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Eco friendly venture
  • Best security aspects
  • World class educational and medical Centre


  • Slow construction taking place
  • Huge property rates perception

Why Invest in New City Paradise?

The investment in this housing venture offers some lucrative return for longer run to all investors. The developers of this housing venture consider it a privilege to offer a world class space to their investors at highly affordable rates. Most highly, all essential and comfortable facilities are an integral part of this housing project. The project developers have been successful in getting a legal NOC without any hindrance just like Blue World City.


New City Paradise is about to be available for booking very soon for all the real estate populaces to offer some world class lifestyle and investment. The finest factor about this venture is that the proprietors have a good status in the real estate industry. The project owners have a dream of long-term and valuable real estate solutions. Also, the entire venture has an ideal location with numerous important accessing points. As per the preliminary price range, the affordability degree is huge  because it is a legal housing venture that will help make a long-term and profitable investment. However, the plots of this housing venture would have the details very soon. They would even fulfil the housing requirements of the future investors and publics. The representatives of Globe Real Estate are here to help you with purchasing affordable plots of your choice.


Q1. What is New City Paradise?

It is a new housing project in Twin Cities that is set to change the entire landscape of the city.

Q2. Where is it located?

The entire venture is locatable near to M1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, CPEC Route, only few kms away from Burhan Interchange.

Q3. How can one have an easy access to this housing venture?

Any individuals can easily access this housing project from two points: M1 Motorway and GT Road.

Q4. Who are the actual Makers of this venture?

Chaudry Qamar Zaman and Chaudhry Saad are the makers behind this state of the art venture.

Q5. Does it have a legal approval?

This housing venture has got the legal NOC from the government’s Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA).

Q6. Are there any pre-launch rates for this project available?

The owners have revealed the pre-launch rate within their payment plan, and the developers would soon announce the details of payment plan in detail.