ICHS Town is the new housing project in Islamabad, that seek to offer quality housing to residents of Islamabad. ICHS stands for Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society, and it aims to target every section of real estate investor. This project is here to cater to the residential interests of people with a tight budget and low-income ones. So, the developers have a plan to make it an affordable housing project for every real estate investor. It would have a government support, as it intends to accommodate investors from low income. The entire project would have magnificent view to showcase its beauty.

Owners and Developers

This housing project come under the domain of government authorities, who want to provide reasonable housing to every resident. It is business venture by Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society and some government officers. Both the entities have joined the hands to create a positive change in the housing business of Islamabad. After Faisal Town Phase 2, this housing project would not only provide housing solution at lower price but also some lavish facilities. The affiliation of some government officials with this project demonstrates that it is trustworthy, and has potential to generate huge profits.

Location & Map

The housing project with exotic location has high chance of attracting real estate investors. One of the major reason behind that is the charm that a location adds to the housing project. This residential project is situated around 42 kilometers from zero-point Islamabad adjacent to Fateh Jang Road. Furthermore, it is also connected to the new Islamabad International  airport, which further increases its significance. Overall, its location is only 3 Km away from the main CPEC route. Some of the other important housing project close to it are MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2, Top City and Mumtaz City. One can easily reach here through main Attock Road, and Qatbal Village.


The developers of ICHS Town had recruited some skilled designers and architects to design its Masterplan. The Masterplan of this venture shows that the entire project lies over 5500 Kanal of land area just like Nova City Islamabad. This housing project comprises of residential and commercial plots that wont only provide housing comfort but also business opportunities. It further shows that there would be some huge boulevards with huge parking spaces. Apart from that, some huge parks in this project would guarantee a lot of greenery around.

NOC status

It is very important for the housing project owners to get a valid No Objection Certificate for their project. A valid NOC provides a huge support in not only legalizing the project, but also proving that it has no scam.  Since it is a government project, so there has been no problem for the owners to get a legal NOC. This project is legal under Registration number 313 with its affiliation with cooperative societies department of ICT management. The owners got the NOC validation from TMA Fateh Jung, Defense Ministry, and Civil Aviation Authority.

Payment Plans

The developers behind this project have drafted a payment plan recently, which shows the affordability factor of this project. As the registration process has already begin, so the investors are had found this project to be better one. The payment plan involves several installment programs that monthly and yearly based. The payment plan also comprises of some installment option, which make the investment in this project easier.


Any housing project with world class facilities has a huge potential to attract plenty of investors. The main thing that the real estate investors prefer is the comfort lifestyle with elite facilities. Some of the important facilities in this project are mentioned below

Ecofriendly setting

The developers behind this project are determined to provide an environment friendly venture to their investors. So they have plan to organize a huge tree plantation campaign with the residents. Such activity does not only guarantee greenery but also socialization among participants. There would be huge green parks, and botanical garden that would add a beauty into the entire housing project. Overall, it is going to be an environment with no pollution.

Waste Disposal System

The developers of this housing venture are planning to establish smart waste disposal system for eradicating garbage. Such steps ensure that there is no dirt or pollution, and the entire society is clean and green. The workers of disposal system would utilize cutting edge technology to keep dirt away from the streets.

Efficient Road Infrastructure

The owners of this project are constructing huge road with boulevard to make sure that smooth traffic flows. Those roads would also give a glimpse of some elite city with best infrastructure.  The carpeted roads would be helpful in connecting all sectors, as a 160 ft wide Boulevard is near its completion.

Better educational and healthcare facilities

The developers of this project have committed themselves to cater to the educational and health needs of their residents. So, they are planning to establish some state-of-the-art hospitals and educational institutions. Both of them would have a foreign qualified faculty along with some world class facilities.

Terms and Conditions

  • Majority of the corner plots at Main Boulevard involve an additional 10% premium cost on the basis of estimated cost.
  • Residential plots are only available for residential use, and non-compliance to such term may result in cancellation of bookings.
  • The individuals liable for discounts would be Former Pakistani Officers, Overseas Pakistanis, Private and govt. Employees. Even the employees, who are disabled orphans would also get discount.

Development Status

A lot of plots in ICHS Town are now available for booking at reasonable rates. The owners have made sure that they sell each and every plots without any hindrance. So, far this project is currently under construction at a moderate pace. The construction at initial phase is taking place at a slower pace, while the developers have successfully installed telephone lines and water supply. After few months, the rates of the plots would increase, as they are currently at reasonable rates.

Why Invest In ICHS Town?

ICHS Town is going to be one of the most advantageous venture because of its ideal location and facilities. The developers of this project are bringing an innovative housing project at low cost. They want this project to be financially helpful for every category of investors. The overall quality and infrastructure of this project is completely solid, and it guarantees lucrative returns. The entire housing project would surround itself by lush green hills, which adds more charm into it. Due to its nearness to CPEC route, this project comprises of endless probabilities to transform itself into business hub. The owners of this housing project have plan to provide plots at discounted rates to investors with military or bureaucratic background. This housing project would be beneficial for residential and commercial investment, and the investors would get huge profits from it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Perfect location at CPEC route
  • State of the art housing facilities
  • Reasonable payment plan


  • Construction taking place at lesser pace
  • Plot rates perception seems to be huge


The developers behind ICHS Town have a vision of becoming a big name in real estate sector of Islamabad. They are aiming to bring a revolution by providing affordable housing to every real estate investor. A lot of real estate experts believe that this project is set have a huge profit margin. Now, is the best time for the investor to invest their capital and get huge profits. The plots are currently available at affordable rate, as the entire project is under construction. The developers are bringing a promising opportunity for their investors to gain more money. If you are also interested in investing your capital in return for lucrative return, then n is here to help. Our knowledgeable team of real estate marketing experts would guide you about better investment opportunities in this project. You can look into our website from further assistance for this housing project.


Q1- Where is the ICHS Town?

Ans. It is an under-construction housing project in Islamabad that seeks to provide affordable housing to the investors.

Q2: Where is it located?
Ans. The entire housing project is locatable at Fateh Jang Road, only few mile away from the main CPEC route.

Q3: What is the size of this housing project?
Ans. The entire housing project is spread over a total land area of more than 5500 Kanal/

Q4- Who are the owners behind this real estate property?

Answer: Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme have partnered with some government official for the development of this housing project.

Q5- Does it have Legal Approval?

Ans. Yes, since the developers of this housing project were government officials, so there was not hindrance in getting legal NOC.

Q6- Are there any prominent destination near to this project?

Yes, as it is locatable at the main CPEC route, so some main destination near to it are Islamabad International Airport, Faisal Town Phase 2, and Blue World City.

Q7- Are the plots affordable?

Ans. Yes, the recent payment plan of this project proves that any investor can purchase the plots here.

Q8- Does it guarantee better return on investment?

Ans. Yes, the reasonable payment plan of this project guarantees lucrative profits due to installment option.