How to Check File Verification of Nova City


Nova City Islamabad file Verification is straightforward, effortless & essential. Moreover, verifying the file holds great importance in real estate as it shows the legal presence of investors’ property and protects them from any scam or fraud. Apart from that, the process of file verification was explicitly introduced by Nova City developers for overseas investors so that they are assured of the online presence of their property.

The liberty of file verification is one of the infinite facilities that the developers of Nova City are offering. It makes the society one of the most lucrative, high end & advanced societies in Pakistan. Moreover, we have discussed the best & most feasible ways to check file verification in Nova City.

Developers & Owners

Nova City is a highly reputed, modern & most affordable housing society in Pakistan. The impeccable organization is under Nova Group supervision. One of the biggest names in Pakistan’s real estate industry. After serving for over 20 years in the market, the developers have always lived up to the promise of providing outclass architectural designs & impeccable infrastructure. Moreover, people’s trust, belief & assurance in Nova Group developers are constantly increasing with every mega-successful project. Therefore, Nova City is another successful feather that has earned an excellent reputation, applause & success in the real estate market.

File Verification Process

Nova City is one of Pakistan’s most splendid, modern & meticulously planned housing societies. Apart from society’s good infrastructure & the most feasible & affordable payment plan, society is affording one of the possible things in the world. Talking about file verification, we humans are highly dependent on technology & internet. Therefore, one of the safest & possible ways is the online method. The developers of Nova City have introduced the online file verification mode to make the whole process much more manageable & scam free.

Apart from that, the booking process needs to be as transparent & easy-going as it can. Therefore, thorough research beforehand & being constantly aware of your property’s status is significant. It will save the investors from future inconveniences and make the whole journey even more enjoyable & straightforward.

Online Verification Mode

Online is one of the most used, reliable & trusted methods of verifying files in Nova City. It is just a few clicks on one’s Phone/Laptop. However, these are the methods to verify your file through online mode;

  • Visit the official website of Nova City.
  • Enter your particular file number & then click on the check file at the bottom
  • It will lead you to your file verification information if the entered number is correct.
  • Otherwise, it will redirect you to enter the number again in case of misspelling or wrong file number.

Online mode is reliable because it erases the chance of human mistakes & is entirely authentic. Other societies like Park View City Islamabad, the capital Smart City too, offer an online verification facility.

Balloting Verification

Another reliable method in Nova City file Verification is the Balloting method. Balloting means the plot number assigned to the investors. Therefore, verify your plot size online & even manually too. It is imperative to have your property’s presence on the internet to stamp legalization.

Payment Plan Verification

One of the many problems investors face afterwards is not being fully aware of the payment plan. Therefore, it is crucial to be assured entirely & verified of the payment plan. Thus, the verification process includes payment plan verification to avoid miscommunication or misleading. It may consist of unverified information from unofficial realtors.

Application Number Verification

In the process of file verification, the application number holds great importance as it stamps & legalizes investor booking along with an online presence on the internet. Moreover, the application number and the form number are also required during online file verification. Also, all the investors need to be entirely alert & make sure to have an online presence of your property. Apart from that, a 20-rupee note must be attached to the application number; otherwise, a review is a must.

Manual Verification

All those investors who want to verify files manually can contact the official administration of Nova City society & be wholly assured. All they have to do is pick up their phone & call up either the official Blue World City administrator or any trusted real estate realtor.


Nova city is one of Pakistan’s most prominent, luxurious & modern societies. Moreover, in the ever-growing market of the real estate world, the chances of scams, frauds & deceits are pretty high. Therefore, it is incredibly pertinent to stay alert & be completely aware while booking your plot. This goes out, especially to overseas investors who usually do not have the opportunity of visiting the site or do thorough ground research. The importance of file verification could not be emphasized more. Apart from that, Nova City Developers have made the process a lot easier & more feasible, which makes the society even more genuine & authentic. Lastly, visit Glob Real Estate for queries, updates & even booking.

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