How to check File Verification of Blue World City


Blue world City file verification process is relatively easy & seamless. However, it is crucial in the real estate world to verify your file to avoid any future inconvenience & misunderstandings. The offer of file verification holds more importance for overseas investors as it stamps the online presence of their property. It is one of the infinite benefits that Blue world city offers to make the entire booking process even more enjoyable & manageable. Local and even overseas investors can avoid any inconvenience by just sitting at home & clicking a few tabs on their phone/laptop. Moreover, we have discussed all the possible ways of file verification in this blog.

Developers & owners

One of the most splendid, modern & luxurious housing societies in Pakistan, Blue World City is developed & owned by Blue Group of Companies (BGC). The mega-successful real estate company has been serving for more than 18 years, bearing infinite experience, skill & trust. CEO Mr Saad Nazir is an exceptionally well-known name in the industry & has been a great name in the market & has worked in numerous business ventures which have turned out to be extraordinarily successful.

Blue World City File Verification Process

As the world is hugely influenced by technology, online file verification is one of the safest & most reliable booking processes. It is so because the ever-growing & thriving real estate industry could be highly exposed to scams & frauds. Moreover, Blue World City developers launched the online Verification System worldwide. One of the many benefits of the online verification facility is the ultimate seamless & easy booking process for overseas investors. They can avoid the scams & deceits that could be the case otherwise.

Apart from that, it is exceptionally pertinent to conduct thorough research before buying a property or selling one. The file verification process, in particular, confirms the existence of that property in the online world. Moreover, it gives a sense of assurance & trust to the investors & buyers. Making the whole process an authentic one. We have included some ways to check the file verification of Blue World City.

Online Verification Option

Online is one of the most accessible, reliable & simply best ways of file verification. The entire process is just through a few clicks on your phone/laptop. However, these are the steps to check your Blue world city file verification online;

  • Visit the Blue world city official website Islamabad
  • Press on the “Online Services” at the top centre
  • several subcategories will pop up; select the “Online Reg Verification” option
  • It’ll lead you to a new window with a portal
  • Fill out the portal that requires your Form No & Security Code. Then press search recode
  • If you have entered the correct data/information, it’ll lead you to the concerned property’s record.
  • There will be no record if you have entered the wrong information.

Balloting Verification

Another certified & reliable way of file verification is the ‘Balloting Verifying’ option. However, balloting means the plot number assigned to the possible buyers. For verification, visit the official site of Blue World City & the portal will ask you for the required information of Form No & Security Code. Upon entering the correct information, the site will update you instantly with your status. The entire process is far more straightforward & feasible & resonates with online verification. Other societies like Capital Smart City, New metro City Gujar khan & more have the same exceptional facilities.

Manual Verification Process

Another reliable way of verifying your file in blue world city is through manual processing. It includes contacting the concerned authorities by calling them. The society’s official website has the contact number & all one has to do is pick up their phone.

Application Number Verification

In the file verification process, the verification of the application holds equal importance. It is because one must have the correct application number during the online verification process to check the file verification. Moreover, the entire process of file verification is exceptionally pertinent considering the number of scams & frauds in the ever-growing real estate industry. Therefore, your property’s online presence is a must during the entire booking process.


The Blue World City offers an easy verification process & it is as essential & primary as it is seamless. The choice is usually for overseas investors of the society who do not get to see the presence of their property in person. The online presence of your society equals the legalization of it. Moreover, apart from this, the easy process eventually makes society authentic & genuine. The developers of Blue World City offer the benefits of checking online status, society’s verification, and application status. Lastly, visit the most trusted & reliable Glob Real Estate for all queries, updates & bookings.

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