How can overseas book a plot in Nova City


Nova City is an illustrious housing society. It focuses on providing affordable housing with quality features and facilities. The housing society has been able to catch the attention of investors due to its incredible location and master plan. One of the finest features of the housing society is its overseas block. Nova City overseas block provides all the facilities you can dream of at reasonable rates.


Location is a crucial matter in real estate. Investors avoid investing in housing societies that offer rigid locations. However, you will not face this problem here. Nova city provides a comfortable and easy site accessible from many areas, just like Blue world city. It is on the M-14 motorway close to the new International Islamabad Airport, only twenty-two minutes away.

Furthermore, the housing society’s location is near the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) and CPEC routes. Moreover, central areas are near nova city, such as Kanial, which is only four minutes away, while Bango is only seven minutes away. At the same time, Dhok Korak is eleven minutes away, and N-80, Qutbal is a nine-minute drive away. Lastly, the best part of the location is that central cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi are also nearby.

Noc Status

The legality of any society matters a lot. Investors first ask about the housing society’s legitimacy status when buying a plot. If the society is legit, it will avoid investing in its properties. However, with Nova city Islamabad, you do not have to have such concerns.

Therefore, the housing society is honoured to receive its No Objection Certificate from the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Fateh Jhang, and  The letter number of the NOC is No. PHATA/W-I/PHS/2021/690. Since the updated Noc status, nova city overseas Blocks have become extremely popular and are selling like hotcakes. As a result, more potential investors are buying them and enjoying high returns.

Payment plan

The payment plan of every housing scheme plays an essential role. For example, investors demand a highly flexible and reasonable payment plan. Hence, nova city owners kept that in mind and present you with an incredibly convenient payment plan. The housing society provides forty monthly and eight half-year instalment plans. In addition, it demands a down payment of 10% and a confirmation payment. Moreover, Nova City overseas block also has a versatile payment plan which makes the process of booking a plot highly effortless. As a result, you can enjoy a variety of plots there that best suit your needs.


Nova city offers many blocks. The abundance of locks gives investors a chance to choose from a variety, aiding them in finding the right plot. Investors can invest in residential or commercial properties of their choice. The housing society offers an E-sport block, Pueblo and overseas block. The most famous block is the nova city overseas block, which provides the best facilities. It offers all basic facilities like gas, water and electricity. But that’s not all; the block also provides 24 hours security with trained staff, sewerage and waste system and top-class infrastructure. It also has a grand entrance, beautiful parks and various shopping centres. The astounding thing is that you can have all this at affordable rates. Thus, the overseas block is one of the most excellent blocks you can invest in and enjoy countless benefits.

Mandatory documents for nova city overseas block

The owners of nova city have made sure to provide you with an easy and convenient experience in booking a plot in the overseas block. To book a property, you must have the following documents.

  • Passport-size pictures of the buyer
  • Copy of passport or CNIC of buyer
  • NICOP copy
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Proof of online payment slip (e.g. Screenshot)


Nova City is one of the most eminent and leading societies in Islamabad. It offers high-class housing and minimum rates, aiding you in being closer to your dream house. Moreover, the housing society has a prime and ideal location accessible from many areas, making it perfect for investors who travel frequently. One of the best features of the housing scheme is its Noc status, which recently got approved. The Noc status legitimizes society, making it an incredibly lucrative investment chance for potential investors.

Furthermore, the Nova City overseas block is an excellent place to invest. It is exclusively for our Pakistani living abroad. The purpose of the block is to offer secure investment chances to Pakistanis living abroad. The block offers all necessities, including shopping centres, parks, mosques and a safe environment. Hence, it is the ideal housing society to settle in and invest. To know more, visit Glob Real Estate.

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