How can Overseas book a plot in Lahore Smart City


The process of booking a plot in Lahore Smart City overseas block is comparatively easy & seamless. The developers & owners of Pakistan’s first-ever smart city assure the world’s most lavish, modern & affordable lifestyle to people in Pakistan and overseas alike. Developed jointly by Future Developments Holdings (FDH) & Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd, Lahore smart city is making great waves among local & overseas investors. Lahore Smart City, however, has two main blocks, Executive & overseas. Moreover, the society is LDA approved, which adds even great trust & value apart from having supreme, solid & ideal infrastructure.

Lahore Smart City builders & developers have made an easy payment plan with an extraordinary master plan for all overseas investors. Therefore, we have discussed all the details about Lahore Smart city & one can invest in it practically.

NOC Status

One of the most trusting & satisfying factors for the overseas investor community is that Lahore smart city is legally approved. Lahore development authority approved the society’s grand & gorgeous infrastructure and at-par master plan. Investing in real estate is a big & once in lifetime decision for not only local but overseas investors too. Therefore, the “No Objection Certificate” holds great importance as it enhances trust & authenticity on both investors & developers end.


Before investing, another important that attracts the investors’ attention is the prime & ideal location of society. Lahore smart City’s skilled & experienced developers have ticked the box just like Al Kabir Orchards Lahore, New Metro City Gujar Khan & more. However, Lahore smart city is located precisely at Lahore bypass & people can access it through GT Road & Lahore ring-road. It is also right on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway, so all investors & residents can travel around the city quite easily.

Another interesting & exciting factor for both local & overseas investors alike is those numerous facilities at the doorstep. Whether it is health care, education, water & gas supply or as more significant as infinite business opportunities. Society is a hub of commercialization & career ventures—a perfect opportunity for all investors to secure their future.

Payment Plan

The payment plan of Lahore smart city is straightforward & seamless. For all the overseas & local investors, the developers of Lahore Smart City have assured a world-class, splendid & modern lifestyle. Moreover, that too in the most affordable payment plan. There is an installment package that people from any social class can afford, especially for all overseas investors.

Moreover, here is the proper payment plan guidance for all investors in Lahore Smart City overseas block. There are two blocks offered right now in the society, Executive & overseas. The proposed plots in the overseas block are;

  • The total price for 5 Marla in Lahore smart city is 2,845,000 with 284,500 booking prices of 10%. Moreover, there will be 12 quarters installment plan.
  • The price for 10 Marla in Lahore smart city is 5,325,000 with 532,500 booking price. Moreover, there will be 12 quarters installment plan.
  • The price for 20 Marla in Lahore smart city is 5,325,000 with 8,490,000 bookings, which is 10%. Moreover, there will be 12 quarters installment plan.

Lahore Smart City Overseas Block Investment Benefits

One of the most beneficial blocks offered in Lahore’s smart city is Overseas. It has numerous benefits & amenities that will assure not only a luxurious, splendid but magnificent lifestyle at large. Moreover, other advantages of investing in the overseas block include a society’s speedy development, ideal location & instalment-based payment plan, and most importantly, a trust-building relationship in the local & overseas community.

Required Documents

As mentioned earlier, the entire booking plan for overseas investors is quite simple & seamless. However, here are some of the prerequisite documents;

  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • Two photocopies of the investor
  • Two photocopies of either next of kin or ID card
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Booking amount
  • Booking form

For all overseas investors, it is essential to mention that you can book your plot online too & even in person. It is advisable to do thorough research & have your trusted acquaintance pay a site visit to avoid any future misinformation & inconvenience.


Lahore Smart city overseas block booking process is everything authentic & straightforward. Moreover, the developers have ensured that the entire journey is easy, exciting & enjoyable. Apart from providing outclass & superb facilities like healthcare, underground wiring, supreme security system & ideal location, the society assures of secure & ultimate living experience for overseas—a perfect opportunity to secure your future in Pakistan. Lastly, contact Glob Real Estate for any update, query & even booking.

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