How can overseas book a plot in Capital Smart City


Capital smart City Islamabad is the most well-known society in Pakistan’s capital city. It offers a new concept of living known as “smart living”. It is the first time a smart city has been established in Pakistan. Moreover, the society’s facilities and features are breathtaking and something you have never seen before. The capital Smart overseas block is highly grand and luxurious.


The one thing investors look for in a housing scheme is the site. A poor and inaccessible site is what most investors avoid. Hence, the owners of the society choose a place that will attract potential investors and discard all their concerns. The society’s location is marvellous and grand, just like Blue World City‘s location.

The housing scheme’s site is right on the M-2 motorway. Therefore, you can easily reach the location through the main Chakri road once the finalisation of construction. Additionally, the site will be more accessible in the future once the housing society gets its approved interchange right from the highway.

Furthermore, the most significant factor of the location is that it is only five minutes away from the new Islamabad International Airport. Another great feature of the society is that it is near the main areas you reach in a matter of few minutes. Lastly, the society’s location is calm, peaceful, and away from the City’s noise pollution. Hence you build a beautiful and comfortable life in the overseas block.

NOC Status

The legitimacy of any housing society matters the most. Investors avoid investing in societies that do not offer proof of their legality. However, you do not need to keep any concerns regarding Capital Smart City Islamabad. The housing scheme has the honour of receiving its Non-Objection Certificate. Moreover, There is an objection from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). 7,376 Kanal and 2000 Kanal areas received approval on 17th November 2017 and 21st September 2019. However, an area of 13098 will receive its NOC approval soon. Moreover, investors can now easily invest in the housing society without any legal worry or concern.

Payment plan

A convenient and easy payment plan is what investors mostly look for. Therefore, investors avoid any housing society that offers a complex and rigid payment plan. Nonetheless, you calm all your worries as Capital smart City offers the best and most comfortable payment play investors have ever seen. As a result, overseas investors can now easily book and buy a plot in the Capital Smart City overseas block. The prices of properties change according to their block and size.

You must pay a 10% down payment to acquire a property. After the down payment, you have to submit a 10 % confirmation payment. After these payments, you have forty-two months to pay the remaining amount. The forty-two months instalment plan is highly flexible for investors. They can quickly and comfortably pay off the remaining money.

Moreover, the housing society offers various discounts. For example, investors will give a 5% discount on the total payment of a property. On 50 % Payment of property, investors will receive a discount of 2.5.

Capital Smart City Overseas Block

Capital smart city Islamabad consists of a wide variety of blocks. Investors can choose properties from the blocks that suit them the best. You can choose from executive block, overseas block, overseas prime 2 blocks, and general block. The housing society’s most luxurious and captivating blocks are overseas prime 2 and executive blocks. They offer highly valuable properties in various sizes. However, Capital Smart city overseas block is the best. It is a block exclusively for overseas investors. The goal is to offer our fellow overseas buyers new and secure investment opportunities. The site of the block is prime and offers advanced facilities that are highly convenient for them.

Documents for Capital Smart City overseas block booking

Overseas investors can easily purchase a property in the overseas block. Their procedure requires minimal effort and is quick. You can invest in residential plots as well as commercial plots. However, you will need a few documents. For example, you will need.

  • Two photocopies of NICOP
  • Two passport-size pictures
  • Booking payment for the property
  • Two photocopies of Nominee ID card/ next of kin
  • Copy of overseas national identity card
  • Other mandatory documents.


The Capital Smart City is Islamabad’s most illustrious housing society. It is a pioneer in providing a top-class facility that offers a comfortable lifestyle. With its outstanding features, it is attracting investors from all over the world. Overseas investors can comfortably buy properties here  in Capital Smart City overseas blocks. The procedure is simple and convenient. Through the process, they can be closer to their dream investment. You can learn more details by visiting glob real estate.

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