How can overseas book a plot in Blue World City


The blue world city is a one-of-a-kind society in the capital city of Pakistan. It is the first-ever housing society in Pakistan that offers fantastic tourist attractions. With top-class facilities and attractions, it is every investor’s dream come true. BGC-IGC Consortium project calls this housing society as Pak-China’s cordial city. Blue world city overseas block is one of its most intriguing blocks and captivates potential investors.


The first thing Every investor looks for in a society is the location. The site of a housing society highly matters. A location can discourage investors from investing. However, blue world city’s location is nothing short of ideal. It is incredibly comfortable and accessible, just like the Capital Smart City.

Moreover, its location is on the Chakri Interchange right on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It is also near the Chakri Rawalpindi ring road intersection. Furthermore, the site is near various central places. For example, it is only twenty-five minutes away from New Internation Islamabad Airport. It is also near Adiala road. In addition, its location is just a few minutes drive away from Bahria town phase and green villas. Lastly, it is just five minutes away from Qurtaba City.

Master plan

Every housing society requires a grand and absolute master plan. The master plan of the housing scheme is the epitome of excellence and brilliance. It was designed with the help of experienced international and local experts. Infrastructure and architecture were a top priority of this master plan. Therefore it offers the best compared to any other housing society. The housing society offers different plots such as residential, commercial and farmhouses. They come in various sizes: 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal. Investors can also enjoy multiple blocks such as general block, waterfront, block, executive block, overseas block, county farms and orbital flats.

Blue world city overseas block

Blue world city overseas block is one of the best blocks of the housing society. It was recently launched and is becoming quite popular among overseas investors. It is a highly attractive block just for our fellow overseas Pakistanis. The block primarily offers luxurious features and facilities, making it the perfect place to live and invest for your buyers settled abroad.

The aim of this block is to provide a safe and secure investment chance to our international buyers. It is an incredibly lucrative opportunity which should not be missed. The block has all the basic necessities such as water, gas and electricity and offers much more. It provides health and education facilities, top-class shopping malls, and an eco-friendly environment.

Documents for blue world city overseas block

The process for booking a plot in blue world city overseas is easy and comfortable. Investors have to pride a few documents along with a few other items. The following are mandatory documentation for buying a plot in an overseas block:

  • Copy of candidates’ NICOP
  • Copy of the identity card of the candidate
  • Your passport picture
  • Complete all required forms of overseas block
  • You must pay the booking amount in cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Payment plan

A flexible payment plan is every investor’s wish. When the payment plan is convenient, it can make the buying process of properties hassle-free. The owners of the society kept this concern in mind and offered a payment plan suitable to investors. Blue world city overseas block also provides an easy payment plan. Prices of every property vary from size to block. To book a plot, buyers must put in a 10% downpayment. After that, you can pay the remaining amount in twenty monthly or four half-yearly instalments. You can choose either option according to what suits you best.


The blue world city is a wondrous housing scheme. It offers grand tourist attractions that you have never seen before. For example, the housing society offers a water theme park, the biggest giant horse mascot and a cricket stadium. It also provides a blue city world torch hotel, Villagio mall and the famous blue mosque replica. With such luxuries attraction, investors are becoming highly interested in the housing scheme.

It offers an illustrious overseas block that offers incredible facilities. Now our fellow overseas buyers can also book plots of their choice. The booking of overseas properties is quick and easy. So now you can be close to your dream investment. To find out more, contact Glob real estate.

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