How can Overseas book a plot in 7 Wonders City


Booking a plot in Seven Wonders City overseas block is exceptionally easy & seamless. Moreover, the developers assure that local and overseas investors enjoy the entire booking process with endless benefits. The lavish-looking, extraordinarily modern, yet highly affordable 7 wonders city is grabbing massive attention in the overseas investor community. It is under the supervision of Global Financial Services, which has been serving in the real estate industry for years & years now. Moreover, the society is TMA approved & is complete legally accepted. All these factors enhance the confidence & trust of overseas investors.

Apart from that, Islamabad’s seven wonders city has two main blocks, executive & overseas. However, there is an addition of villas & farmhouses too. Moreover, the exceptional infrastructure along with a great payment plan & all other needed information is added in this blog.

NOC Status

Seven wonder city Islamabad is a completely legally approved society. Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) approved the society instantly after seeing the grand & splendid infrastructure & master plan. Moreover, the process of approval from the respective authorities holds great importance as it decides if the investors would trust & invest their money. Therefore, all the local but especially overseas investors have completed assurance. Apart from that, investment decision comes every once in a while. So, it is important to do prior thorough research.


Seven wonders city Islamabad’s location is right at M-14 Hakla D.I Khan Motorway & is direct links to CPEC Ring Road & Islamabad International Airport, which makes it even more lucrative & commercially viable. Moreover, the location of your house has vast importance as it decides how commercially & business thriving your future will look apart from the luxury of world best benefits. Moreover, in other societies like Capital Smart City, the Golf Residencia makes it even family-friendly & one of a kind.

Therefore, local & especially overseas investors do not have to worry as the countless & splendid benefits are right at your doorstep. Another reason why seven wonders city Islamabad is one of the most modern, attractive & of its kind housing societies is that it has replicas of the world’s seven best places. A perfect opportunity for all overseas investors to enjoy worldwide wonders at your house.

Payment Plan

The 7 wonders city Islamabad payment plan is easy, seamless & most importantly, affordable. A kind which every social class can afford. The developers of the society assure that world-class “seven impeccable wonders” along with at-par facilities are present for all the investors in the most feasible way possible. It is because the GFS developers have been known to provide ultra-modern & affordable lifestyles to raise the lifestyle bar in Pakistan. Moreover, that too under the most affordable payment plan ever.

Here is the fantastic payment plan of the seven wonders city Islamabad for all overseas Pakistan. Moreover, the society has two blocks to offer right now, an executive & overseas, along with thematic parks, villas & farmhouses.

  • The total price is 1,650,000, with a monthly installment of 11,550. Also, there will be an Rs165,000 down payment.
  • The total price is 2,310,000, with a monthly installment of 16,170. The down payment to pay will be around Rs231,000.
  • The total price is 3,300,000 with a monthly installment of 23,100. However, the down payment is 330,000.

Investment Benefits in 7 Wonders City Overseas Block

Seven Wonder city overseas block has countless & most excellent benefits, apart from having the liberty of the world’s seven most beautiful places right at your doorstep. It includes the incredible Taj Mahal, the statue of liberty, Stonehenge, the roman Colosseum, the Egyptian pyramid, the great wall of chine & the stunning Eiffel Tower. Moreover, very rarely does a society offer these lifestyle opportunities & benefits in one package & that too in the most affordable payment plan.

Required Documents

The booking process for both local & overseas investors of seven wonders city Islamabad is straightforward & simple. Moreover, these are the documents that an investor requires while investing in the city;

  • NICOP is needed for overseas investors
  • Two passport-size pictures
  • Also, two copies of the investor’s CNIC
  • Booking form
  • 2 Copies of the investor’s next kin or ID card

Apart from that, overseas investors can book their plots online & do the thorough verification of documents, property & legalization process by some trusted acquaintance in Pakistan to avoid any future inconvenience.


Seven wonders city Islamabad booking process for both local & overseas investor communities is exceptionally simple, solid & seamless. Therefore, the GFS developers assure a perfect & secure lifestyle for all overseas Pakistanis. There are basic facilities, at par & ultra-modern security system along with one of its kind infrastructures—a perfect all-in-one investment package for everyone to secure their future. Lastly, contact the most trusted  Glob Real Estate   for any query, booking or update.

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