Citi housing Sialkot is a marvelous upcoming housing venture that aims to completely transform the city of Sialkot. The developers of this venture have plans to offer upgraded lifestyle to all the future residents of this block. Some of the most mesmerizing aspect about this venture is that it is going to be affordable with its ideal location.

Owners & Developers

The developers of this housing venture are Citi Housing developers, who have delivered some successful project like City Housing Jhelum, Citi Housing Kharian, and Citi Housing Multan before. They enjoy a good reputation in the real estate market for more than several decades. Their team includes skilled engineers, designers, and architects that make sure that construct houses with good quality. The developers have been successful in attaining trust of their investors even at the pre-construction phase due to their quality projects.

Location & Map

Location is the primary feature that a lot of real estate investors consider during their investment decision. So, this housing project has an ideal location near Daska road, quite adjacent to Nandipur, and Gojra. This housing venture is locatable near prominent schools and hospitals in Sialkot. It clearly proves that this housing project would be accessible easily for the residents  similar to Blue World City Islamabad.


NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is an important file, which comprises of official approval stamps by the government authorities. The NOC document signifies that the project has got the approval from the district authorities. It also shows that the authorities have not found anything objectionable about this project. So, the developers get the green signal to go ahead with their development. Even, it is the foremost duty of the investor to verify the NOC status of their investment project.

As per the latest updates, the owners are talking to district supervising authorities of Sialkot. However, there is a bigger chance of the NOC approval, given the track record of the project developers. So, investors need not to worry about the legalization of this project.

Payment Plans

The owners of this project have reveled the payment plan of this venture, which shows that the plot rate are quite reasonable. They encourage investors irrespective of economic status to invest and get huge profits from this project. The owners guarantee that the investors would get state of the art housing facilities within reasonable payment plan.  The best thing about the payment plan is that there is an option of 10 percent down payment along with monthly and yearly installment plans. It would be interest of the investors to initiate their investment through down payment.


Master Plan

The main goal of the owners is to arrange the best possible living ways for all the inhabitants. There would be around eight block of this housing venture i.e. from A to H. Also, frequent residential plots are available for booking to meet the living requirement of investors. Most highly, there would be different plots sizes to help the potential investors in the decision-making procedure. Furthermore, the rate of these plots are very reasonable that anyone can buy.

The other best part about this housing venture is that it offers huge number of amenities to all the investors and future is, inhabitants, when it comes to essential aspects to the high-end aspects. Above all, the housing projects are assisting the inhabitants in their financial stability, as all the commercial area of this housing venture would assist future residents and investors to launch their own business ventures.

Residential Plots

The developers have planned to establish residential properties of numerous sizes to all the investors, where they would live and enjoy the best facilities of times. Furthermore, these prices are highly reasonable as there is also a facility of installment plan. Apart from that, the developers would offer several amenities provide a world class lifestyle to all the residents. The overall sizes of the residential plots start from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal exclusively.

Commercial Plots

Apart from residential plots, there would also be several commercial plots with an aim to boost businesses by residents. The over sizes of commercial properties would range begin from 3 Marla to 5 Marla respectively. Commercial properties would be highly lucrative, as it would comprise of corporate offices mainly. The properties for commercia plots are equally affordable for the one planning to establish their businesses .

Development Status

The owners of this housing project are working day and night for its timely completion. A lot of investors had already paid and bought some of the properties. Along with that, different roads and sector are near the completion. The developers have guaranteed to mesmerize the resident will huge roads with better quality infrastructure.

The entire housing venture follows the standards of urban town planning that enables less wastage in all of their construction prospects. The reason behind such move is to promote sustainable and high-quality facilities

to investors. Also, the inhabitants would have a wonderful time here with their friend and dailies.


The developers of this project have a goal to provide some classic facilities to the investors and residents. Few of them are as follow:

Providing Basic Necessities

All of the houses in this project would have all the basic facilities like electricity, gas and water for 24/7. The residents would get all sorts of comforts through such facilities, and they would also be able to do their daily chores.

Educational and Healthcare units

Health and education play an important role for the upbringing and existence of any person. So, the developers have plans to establish some world class educational institutes with foreign educated faculty. Such a setting would help the residents in achieving sustainable life goals. Furthermore, there would be some state-of-the-art health care that would operate on 24/7 basis. Such healthcare institutions would help the resident in an emergency situation.

Foolproof security

The owners of this venture have taken the security of their inhabitant into contemplation. So, in order to provide them security, their designers have planned to install CCTV camera that would record each and every movement within this housing venture. Apart from that, they have also planned to deploy armed security personal in different sectors. At the entrance point, there would be a huge security gear that would keep any eye on entrance and departure of this housing project.

Huge Theme parks

The owners of this project also plan to cater to the social and recreational need of their residents. So, they have plans to establish huge theme parks, where the residents would have an opportunity to enjoy with their family. Those theme parks would have huge rides, and some dining spots with world famous food outlets.

Huge Mosque

As religion is an important of human life, where one connects with its creators spiritually. So, the owners have also planned to establish a huge mosque to cater to the spiritual needs. Such mosque would be so huge, that it would easily accommodate around 100 of worshippers. Even, the overall design of the mosque would be unique that it might also be taken as a tourist spot.

Environment friendly

This housing venture is going to be an ecofriendly with hundreds of tree all around. The developers would organize a tree plantation campaign for the resident. There would be huge garbage disposals everywhere, which would help in eradicating litter from the streets.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Residing in this residential venture would beneficial in a lot of way, and some of them are as follows:


  • Huge and high quality infrastructure
  • Perfect Location
  • Serene and calm atmosphere


  • Higher rates of the plots
  • Very Slow construction

Why one must Invest in Citi Housing Sialkot?

The housing venture is going to be a huge living space for all its investors. Furthermore, the location of this housing venture is easily accessible from different accessibility point. Also, the developers have revealed a huge payment plan by considering the affordability factor. So, an installment option is also available for the ease of investors. It would have all the luxurious facilities for the residents, as evident in the master plan. Investment in this housing venture is a valuable choice, and the investors would get huge profits in return.


This housing venture would be a gamechanger in the real estate business of Sialkot. Its location is something that has been attracting most of its investors. is the most adorable aspect that fascinates most investors. The real estate sector of Sialkot is bound to change because of this housing venture. You should contact the real estate agents of Globe Real Estate for information about booking and payment. Our team comprises of marketing, and real estate experts, who are looking forward to assist you in your investment.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Sialkot?

Ans. It is a new real estate venture in Sialkot, which has the potential to change the entire sector.

Q2. Who are the developers behind this housing venture?

Ans. The developers behind this venture are Citi Housing developers, who have delivered successful real estate ventures before.

Q3. What is the location of this project?

Ans. This housing venture is locatable near Daska Road.

Q4. Are the plots affordable

Ans. Yes, payment plans of this project proves that the plots would be affordable.

Q5. Does investment here guarantee good real estate profit?

Ans. By look-in at the payment plan, one can be sure that the investment here would provide huge return.

Q6. Are there commercial areas available?

Ans. Yes, there would be a separate sector dedicated to all the commercial venture i.e. shopping malls, or corporate offices.