Citi housing Multan is another magnificent housing ventures that is going to change the real estate landscape of Multan. Furthermore, it is a lawful residential project that got the green signal from Multan Development Authority. The most important vital aspect about this venture is that the developers have focused on providing some world class living experience to all their investors. Most highly, all the facilities of this project are available at affordable price.

Owners & Developers

The developers of this venture is Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd, a real estate tycoon that delivered some extraordinary projects before. Some of their prominent ventures are Citi Housing Sialkot, and Citi Housing Faisalabad. The sole focus of the developers is to provide homes to every individual at reasonable rates. Above all, they have recruited a skilled team of engineers and architects that aim to provide quality housing. All of them are working hard to fulfill the expectation of their clients.

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is among the most essential files that some investors verify while going ahead with residential investment. Furthermore, NOC file is important in gaining the trust and confidence of the inhabitants and investors. After successful round of talks, the developers have got the NOC from Multan Development Authority, and is now legal. As of now, only 1st phase has got the approval, while talks are still taking place for other phases.

Location & Map

The location is the initial thing that comes into every investor’s thought before investing their capital. So, this housing venture has a perfect location adjacent to Bosan Road Multan. Other than that, it is also close to N-5 National Highway, Multan Bypass, Canal Road and Southern Bypass, so investing here might be feasible choice. Moreover, some of the other important place near to it are Bahauddin Zakariya University, Bacha Basti, and Kotla Sadaat.

Payment Plan

The payment plan is another charming factor that enable the investors to invest their capital in any housing venture. The developers of this venture aim to offer the world class living standards to all the inhabitants and the investors at affordable house prices. Most highly, with numerous facilities available in this project, the payment plan seems to be quite reasonable. This payment plan involves some installment options that encourages investors of every status to invest their capital into it.

Master Plan

The owners of this project with their talented architects and designers have just designed a masterplan of this project. It is quite evident that this housing venture involves infrastructure of the best quality similar to 7 Wonders City Islamabad. Even, the main focus of the owners is to deliver world class facilities and the best living experience to their investors.


Residential Plots

Residential plots are an important factor of this housing venture, as it involves all type of housing features with tremendous living experience. The size range of the properties lie around 5 Marla to 2 Kanal.

Commercial Plots

The commercial properties also have huge significance as they help the residents in their financial growth. The investors and residents would have an opportunity to establish their own businesses in such plots. The sizes of commercial plots lie around 5 Marla to 8 Marla, and comprises of affordable rates.

Development Status

The development of this housing venture is taking place at a rapid pace, which shows that the investors can start investing their money. Furthermore, the owners have committed themselves to provide high-quality facilities to guarantee a better lifestyle for investors. It is going to be a huge residential project in Multan, which has got the investment rapidly. Above all, the roads are almost near their completion, so that there is a smooth traveling within the premises of this housing venture.


Any housing venture with their world class facilities have a fabulous opportunity to grab more investors. Other than that, the facilities are helpful in determining whether the house would provide comfort or not. Some of the important facilities of this housing venture are as follow:

Availability to Basic needs

All the houses of this housing project would have basic facilities like the electricity, gas and water available on 24/7 basis. All of these facilities help in fulfilling basic needs of the residents at reasonable prices.

Healthcare and Educational Features

Healthcare feature are the important requirements that all inhabitants need to live a healthy and sustainable life. Moreover, there would be health care units with international standards to enable the residents to have the best medical experience. All such world class facilities would be available on 24/7 basis, especially in case of emergency. Also there would be some world class educational institutions of global standards with an aim to educate and enlighten children of the residents.

High-Quality Infrastructure

Another best part about this housing venture is its world class infrastructure by their skilled architects. The high-quality infrastructure of this project is enough to attract elite investors.

Environment friendly

The owners of this venture follow international urban town planning and climate friendly standards. Furthermore, this method will help them to have combat pollution, and would also maximize the use of construction materials. A huge tree plantation campaign would take place to add freshness and calmness within the housing venture.

Commercial Prospects

A huge commercial sector would also be a part of this real estate project, as it would help future residents to grow their business. There would be several commercial properties that would assist the residents to choose the overall property size as per their preferences.

Secured Housing Facilities

The entire housing community would have complete secured facilities that would comprise of all the world class security feature for the residents. Security seems to be an important priority for the residents. Other than that, there would be several CCTV camera that would record all the activities within the premises of housing project. There would also be some armed guards around every sector of this housing project to keep an eye on every movement.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Environment friendly facilities
  • Huge Healthcare facilities
  • Perfect Site


  • Huge property rates perception
  • Slow construction taking place

Why invest in Citi housing Multan?

Citi Housing Multan involves numerous perks and privileges for all the residents residing here. Furthermore, it has a perfect location that adds more beauty to this residential venture. Also, it would be easily accessible from the main highways, which improves the accessibility of the entire housing project. Most highly, the rates of the plots are even affordable for every investors. The facility of instalment program has augmented the purchasing needs of the investors. Furthermore, the best factor is that this is a lawful housing venture, as it got the approval from Multan Development Authority. Development works this project would be near its completion in upcoming months just like Blue World City.


The Citi Housing Multan is going to be an exceptional housing venture that aims to facilitate the inhabitants of Multan and nearby areas. Furthermore, the legalization of this housing venture has been successful in receiving the trust and faith by the investors. Most highly, the reasonable payment plan and the site are some of the best aspects of this housing venture. An instalment plan provision would be a plus point to attract the more of real estate clients. Even the world class facilities in this housing project would help the residents to get the high-quality living lifestyle. The investors who aim to live a quality lifestyle in Multan must get in touch with Globe Real Estate. We have a team of real estate representatives that would help the investors in investing their capital.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Multan?

It is a new real estate venture in Multan that has the potential to transform the entire landscape of the city.

Q2. Where is it located?

This housing venture is quite near to Bosan Road Multan, only few minutes away from National Highway.

Q3. Is it accessible?

Yes, one can reach here through, N-5 National Highway, Northern and Southern Bypass adjacent to Canal Road, and Multan Bypass.

Q4. Is it affordable?

Yes, the payment plan of this venture proves that the plots would be available at lesser rates, as evident from the installment option.

Q5. Does it have an approval?

Yes, the developers of this project have received the approval from the Multan Development Authority (MDA).

Q6. Who are the owners behind this real estate project?

The rightful owners of this venture are Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd, who are famous for delivering several real estate venture before.

Q7. Does it guarantee huge return?

Yes, the payment plan and facilities of this project show that the investors would get huge profit in investment.