Citi housing Jhelum is an upcoming modern and magnificent housing venture in Jhelum. The owners of this project are notable in real estate business , as they have worked on several housing ventures before. Moreover, their dream to offer all state-of-the-art facilities in a single community at affordable rates. Therefore, investment in this housing venture would be no less than a blessing. Most highly, the location remains an important factor of this housing venture as it is near to all the important places making it one of housing project with easy access.

Owners & Developers

Citi housing developers are the ones behind the development of this venture. Furthermore, they had come up with several exceptional real estate ventures previously. Also, their previous venture consist of some of the best living facilities for every resident at reasonable prices. The main focus of the developers is to prove all type of amenities and high-quality features in one gated community. Some of the other outstanding housing venture by these developers are are Citi housing Kharian, or Citi Housing Multan.

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is a very mandatory file, which is one of the important priority by real estate investors. NOC play an important role in legality of any housing project, as it proves that the project is free of scam. The owners have received the NOC. Most highly, the developers have numerous housing ventures in different Pakistani cities that gets the trusts from all the investors. Moreover, real estate investment needs a proper guidance before investment in real estate.

Location & Map

The location becomes a vital factor that works as huge factor to decide, while making real estate investment. So, selecting a location close to the important features like the main routes would be a wise decision. Also, the entire site is right next to main Grand Trunk Road at the Centre of main Jhelum and Dina City. GT Road makes this housing venture more accessible ways towards this housing venture, as it also adjacent to Punjab University Jhelum Campus.

Payment Plans

Another aspect that comes into all investor’s perspective before is pouring their money into the real estate venture. So, the developers have made a payment plan that would be affordable, and would be easy for anyone to invest in this housing venture. Moreover, the also aim to provide best housing solutions to all the residents less prices. The developers have also proposed a monthly and yearly installment option, so that the investors don’t face any difficulty.

Eiffel Tower Block Payment Plan

Hyde Park Block Payment Plan

Master Plan

The developers of any housing project must prioritize to provide at least a glimpse of their project to their investors. The only purpose of the developers is to work on such a high-quality infrastructure for their clients is to provide them some elite class lifestyle.

Residential Plots

Most of the properties for living purposes would be of this category. The sizes of the residential plots of this project initiate from 5 Marlas. Moreover, all the plots would be highly affordable with the choice of instalment plan. Furthermore, the owners also provide a payment plan to discuss with investors about the potential rates of the properties.

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties also have a huge significance in the entire housing society. Furthermore, it supports the inhabitants grow themselves financially as they may initiate their own venture as per their own priorities. Also, majority of the plots in this housing project are reasons that is going to be a good addition to launch a business endeavor. Most prominently, the payment plan would be helpful for the investors looking for the initial investment. So, investing here would yield more better and improved  financial benefits.

Development Status

The construction of this project is taking place at a fast speed, as the road are now ready to use. A lot of plots have now taken their shape for auction. The residents have started booking their plots to experience high-quality lifestyle. Along with the construction, the booking are taking place fast. After its construction ends, the prices may increase further than before.


The developers of this Citi Housing Jhelum are to provide all investors with the best living experience, which are mentioned below:

Basic necessities provision

All basic necessities, such as power, gas, and water, will be available for residents on 24/7 basis every day. Furthermore, these facilities will be open 24 hours a day to help the residents in having their everyday needs.

Health and Education Organization

All residents need better standard health facilities to live in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle free of disease. So, there would be some world class health institutions that will follow the worldwide standards, to make sure that all inhabitants have a healthy lifestyle. Those health institution would have facilities that would be available for citizens on 24/7 basis. Furthermore, the owners are also planning to provide some world class educational institutions with global standards. Such institution would provide quality education to the residents and their children.

State of the art Infrastructure

The developers are working on this project by keeping a top-quality infrastructure in mind. Such infrastructure would help in providing top quality living conditions for the residents. So, the investors of this project would reap greater financial benefits, especially if they have their own businesses.

Beautiful Environment

The developers of this housing venture are following the global planning guidelines. The reason behind such adherence is to decrease waste by allowing inhabitants to maximize the usage of garbage dumps. After the completion of this venture, the developers would organize a huge tree plantation campaign to promote greenery/

Commercial Facilities

This housing venture also includes a number commercial projects to promote economic development of future residents. There would be a separate sector for retail properties like shopping malls, or corporate offices. There facilities would enable people to choose the size of the property, which fulfils their needs.

Secure housing project

The entire housing venture is going to be a fully gated project that provides sense of security to the residents. Furthermore, security remains an important part of preserving a best standard of living. So, the developers also have plans to install CCTV cameras around different sectors. Along with that, there would be security guards that would keep an eye around every sector to avoid any inconvenience.

Pros & Cons


  • Environment friendly housing venture
  • Perfect site
  • World class security


  • Construction taking more time than needed
  • Huge plot rates perception


Why Invest in Citi housing Jhelum?

This housing project has aim to transform the residential lifestyle of the citizens of Jhelum similar to Blue World City. Moreover, the owners have also planned to totally change the look of the entire city. The residents and investors of this project would have an opportunity to experience such world class facilities in this city. The overall location of this project beautifies, and also makes it accessible for outsiders. One can easily reach here through the highways. The best part about this venture is that the plots are available at affordable prices, which makes it an investment friendly project. The installment plan of this venture proves that the residents would be to generate financial benefits from longer term.


The Citi Housing Jhelum would be a unique housing venture that aims to fulfill housing needs to people of Jhelum. The developers of this project aims to support residents and investors in Jhelum and surrounding areas. The owners of this housing venture have already received the amount of trust by their investors. The facilities of this housing venture makes it the first ever housing project in the city with innovative features. The installment option of this project makes it easier for the investors to pour their capital here. You may contact with the real estate agents of Globe Real Estate for booking of the plot. Our team comprises of knowledgeable agents, who would guide about the investment prospects of this venture thoroughly.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Jhelum?

It is a future real estate venture in Jhelum that aims to completely change the landscape of the entire district.

Q2. Where is it located?

The site of this housing venture is at Grand Trunk Road right in the center of Jhelum adjacent to Dina City.

Q3. How can one access it?

One can access this project through GT road adjacent to Punjab University Jhelum Campus.

Q4. Who are the owners of this real estate venture?

The ones behind this housing project are Citi housing developers, who have delivered some successful housing project before.

Q5. Is it easily affordable?

Yes, the payment plan of this project also involves some installment options, which makes it more purchasable.

Q6. Is there any option for installment?

Yes, there is a yearly or monthly instalment option that would help future residents in the purchasing procedure.

Q7. Is investing here an intelligent choice?

The affordable payment plan of this venture guarantees the great profit return. So, one can say that it would be a suitable choice for real estate investors.