Best Commercial Real Estate Investment in Twin Cities


Commercial real estate is one of Pakistan’s most popular financing forms. The interest in commercial real estate in Pakistan is rising dramatically for all of the best of reasons. Pakistan provides a wide selection of career opportunities and commercial prospects because it is developing. Therefore, it is acceptable to presume that commercial properties are vital to sustaining the organization. Most investors feel secure making investments in commercial buildings. Since it is not just the most rewarding alternative but also a good choice, the best commercial real estate investment in twin cities is in this blog as a guide.

Commercial Real Estate Investment in Twin Cities

If you are still deciding what type of commercial property to buy, review this information and then choose confidently. Here, we have compiled a list and provided a succinct description of the best commercial real estate investment in the twin cities area.

  • Mall of Arabia
  • Grande
  • The Aquatic Mall
  • Domus Height
  • Gulberg Arena

Mall of Arabia

In the Twin Cities, it represents one of the best commercial real estate investments. The Mall of Arabia highlights our Islamic history with its traditional Arabian architecture. The Mall represents Pakistan’s friendly ties with the Arabs world as well. Furthermore, it is an appreciation of the rich, beautiful architecture, Islamic art, and history which connect us.

First, Islamabad’s Mall of Arabia is ideally situated near Jinnah Gardens’ entrance. However, it has been rated as one of the greatest assets because of area lacks inside shopping complexes. The building will have eight stories and cover 15 kanals. It will have big brands, international foods, a children’s playroom, a movie theatre, corporate offices, a fitness centre, and many other amenities.


The Grande is Rawalpindi’s most wealthy, distinctive, pleasing-to-the-eye multi-story infrastructure project. Moreover, it is the most recent addition to the cutting-edge Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 7 constructions. This building includes unique lobbies and a spectacular entryway. V8 brings gold kiosks, coffee shops, duplex businesses, restaurant floors, and underground parking with plenty of luxurious and modern interior furnishings and designs. In addition, Blue World City is a rising brand in the twin cities.

The Aquatic Mall

The Aquatic Mall is the first project with a marine theme that combines commercial and residential purposes. For upcoming advancements, it is raising the bar. Moreover, as proposed by the developer intends to construct the highest aquarium shopping mall in the world. The Aquatic Mall is close to Bahria Town and the DHA.

Most importantly, it is the best commercial real estate investment option. Furthermore, under one roof, Aquatic Mall offers a shopping complex, a food hall, corporate headquarters, a children’s play area, a water theme park, apartment complexes, a movie theatre, a pool, and more.

Domus Height

One of the best commercial real estate investments in the twin cities area is Domus height. It is a historic development that will offer superb living conditions in elegant, well-designed high-class apartments. Moreover, it is included in the best commercial property for sale in twin cities. These reasonably priced luxury flats aim to provide a great living environment in a high-class, luxurious living environment. Additionally, it offers the following amenities: upscale apartments, a rooftop restaurant, designated parking, and a prime location.

Lastly, In Islamabad and Rawalpindi, some housing societies, including Capital Smart City, Seven Wonders City, and others, guarantee improved opportunities for commercial investment.

Gulberg Arena

High-end integrated tourism Gulberg Arena offers both commercial and residential space. Therefore, Gulberg Arena has every component needed to be a fully formed project and the best commercial real estate investment. Additionally, the Islamabad Expressway, only a five-minute drive from the city, renders Gulberg Arena convenient to Twin Cities inhabitants.

Moreover, there would be significant local and global businesses here, a large basement with parking, seven-story commercial units, and intelligent residential units on three levels. In addition, retail interior shops are situated on the lower bottom floor to the third floor. Further, the food hall and cinema are on the fourth floor, and luxury Apartments are on the top three stories.


Commercial real estate is quite varied and has several uses. Moreover, these initiatives, including the Mall of Arabia, Grande, The Aquatic Mall, Domus Height, and Gulberg Arena, are ideal for anyone. In addition, the people seek long-term economic independence and the development of their damn difficult money. This blog comprehensively overviews the best commercial real estate investment in twin cities. It will be enlightening for you while making investing decisions. Read our articles on Glob Real Estate for more details.

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