Avalon City Islamabad is an upcoming housing venture in Islamabad that aims to change lifestyles of the citizens from twin cities. Furthermore, the owners of this project have kept a high-quality infrastructure in mind, while working on this housing venture. Furthermore, the residential endeavor is still in its pre-launch stage. Still, the investors are searching for more details before going ahead with investment. Most significantly, all the world class amenities would be of modern and elite type, improving the quality of living in this housing venture.

Owners & Developers

The owners of this luxurious housing venture are ZKB (Zahir Khan & Brothers). They are famous for their excellence and high-quality ventures in the real estate business of twin cities. They have skills to deliver the world class living standards with high-quality facilities to everyone. Most significantly, they are professionals’ fir their expertise in working proficiently to satisfy their client’s expectations. One can clearly say that the investors would have a faith on the names of developers, which might be very blissful.

NOC Status

Before going ahead with the construction, it is mandatory for real estate developers to have an authentic no objection certificate. It is an important file that not only validates the project, but also guarantees it credentials. Even, the investors get satisfaction of their investment not being a scam. The developers have had a meeting with Capital development authorities for the approval of NOC file. As per the reports, the talk have been fruitful, which shows that the owners would get the NOC approval by next month.

Location & Map

The location of any housing venture has huge importance, when determining to invest in the project. The investors do analyze that whether it is easy to access this venture or not. Furthermore, it is important for the investors to check each and everything about the location. Avalon City has an ideal location, as it is near Chakri Road, and would be easily accessible from the Chakri Interchange and under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is quite near to several other housing ventures like Nova City Islamabad, and 7 Wonders City.


Payment Plans

The Payment Plan of any housing venture is something that attracts the investors after the location factor. A payment plan demonstrates the prices of the plots, as per the size and facilities. The owners have prepared a payment plan, which is available on their website. They want their investors to begin their buying process, as soon as possible. As of now the plots are available at reasonable rates, as per the payment plan.

Master Plan

The designers of this housing venture have prepared a Masterplan, which shoes that the entire housing venture would be spreading across more than 100 Kanal of land. The owners have adopted high quality construction methods to ensure that the residents get world class facilities. Some of the sizes of the plot are mentioned below.

Residential Plots

The masterplan of this housing venture demonstrate that the residential plots of this project would have huge accommodation for homeowners. There would be some of the best   technological facilities within the houses. The overall sizes of the plots would range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal at least.

Commercial Plots

Commercial plots are one of the important aspect of all modern housing project for financial uplift. So, the developers have plans to add more commercial plots to this housing project, and it’s the owners would very soon reveal more details about it. However, as per the latest new, few commercial plot sizes are about to be available for auction. This would be helping prospective investors and the residents to come up with business ideas and establish them. The overall sizes of the commercial plots range from 4 Marla to 8 Marla.

Development Status

The entire housing venture is currently in its pre-launch stage, which would be easy for the owner to work fast on it. Furthermore, the owners have confirmed that they would utilize the world class technology to provide their investors with the most luxurious housing standards. Apart from that, a high-quality infrastructure, with and automatic traffic control system would be available alongside facial recognition technology and virtual hubs. The owners aim to provide all such facilities at reasonable rates. So, investment in this project might become a sustainable, and profitable return.


Some of the important state of the art feature are as follow:

  • Better Infrastructure
  • World class business opportunities
  • World class technological aspects
  • Best security apparatus
  • Huge parks
  • Better drainage system


Any housing project needs to have some world class facilities before getting investment from real estate investors. Facilities are the ones that completely define the overall infrastructure of any housing project. Some of the main amenities of this venture are as following.

Ecofriendly venture

The developers of Avalon City  have planned to make it a housing venture and making a huge project like seven wonder city Islamabad. The developers are bringing such serenity and ecofriendly measure that would enhance the overall look of the housing venture. Furthermore, they have also planned to install huge garbage disposals that would help in avoiding litter on the streets.

Efficient security measures

The owners of this project, while catering to the security needs are planning to establish some best security features. They have planned to utilize the latest technologies like deploying CCTV cameras, and Facial recognition systems on the entrance. Such measure would be helpful in curbing any potential criminal activities in the housing venture. Furthermore, there would be security officials, who would be looking around each and every sector of this project.

Access to Basic facilities

All the basic essentials like electricity, water, and gas would be available in all the housing on 24/7 basis. Furthermore, these facilities would be available on reasonable rates, in order to help resident to perform all the daily chores.

Educational and Medical Services

The developers have planned not only to provide world housing facilities but also some educational and medical ones too. They have planned to construct huge hospitals, and clinic that would be available for the patients on 24/7 basis.  There would also be some state-of-the-art colleges and schools, where the young pupils would get good educational exposure. Those educational institutions would have the faculty that got training from international institutions.

State of the art Infrastructure

The developers of this housing venture have committed themselves to provide a  quality infrastructure. So, the developers will be providing the best lifestyle for all prospective residents. Furthermore, owners with their talented team and technology would be successful in achieving real estate goal.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Better drainage system
  • Ecofriendly measure
  • State of the art infrastructure


  • Expensive plots perception
  • No NOC approval

Why Invest in Avalon City Islamabad?

The housing project is going to be one of the latest and technologically advanced ventures in the twin cities. Furthermore, the owners have planned to introduce some latest technological advancements in the entire city. Such technological advancements would also be helpful in enhancing the lifestyle of all residents. Apart from that, its location is an ideal site for development as it is only few miles away from other housing schemes like the blue world city, and kingdom valley. Most highly, it is evident from the pre launched plot prices that this housing venture is going to be affordable. This housing project is not going to be any less than some elite class real estate venture.


Avalon City is going to be the most advanced housing venture of Islamabad. Its location at Chakri Road, right near blue world city and Capital smart City make it an important choice for investment. Furthermore, prices of the plots guarantee affordability with the reasonable instalment option. Furthermore, the facilities of this housing venture make it more valuable, as they are full of technological innovations. So, the real estate investors looking forward to get more profit must invest their capital in this venture. For that, they must visit the office of Globe Real Estate to get more information about the investment prospects of this project. Our team of real estate sales representatives have a good experience of providing guidance about real estate investments.


Q1. What is Avalon City Islamabad?

It is an upcoming housing venture that would completely change the real estate business with best technological features.  .

Q2. What is its location?

It would be locatable at main Chakri Road adjacent to some popular upcoming housing venture i.e. Kingdom Valley, or Blue World City.

Q3. Is it reachable?

Yes, one can have the access towards this housing project from the M2 Motorway and upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Q4. Is it legal?

The owners of this housing venture are talking to the legal stakeholders for the NOC approval. As per latest update, they would get the NOC approval very soon.

Q5. Is it affordable?

Yes, the owners have recently updated the payment plan, which shows that the plots are available for booking at affordable rates.

Q6. Who are the developers of this venture?

The official owners of this housing venture are ZKB (Zaher Khan & Brothers), who have delivered some huge real estate projects before.