Al-Noor Orchard is a future fabulous housing project in Lahore with LDA approval. Jalil Developers are the main developers behind this outstanding project, who have an aim to transform the real estate business of the entire city. The owners are planning with excellent strategies and some other facilities by Al Jalil Developers. It is going to be spread over around 40 acres of total land with plenty services.

Owners and Developers

The owners of this venture are prominent real estate developers called Al-Jalil developers, under the presidency of Jalil Khan. The main aim of the developers is to provide an innovative housing venture of 21st century. Their firm comprises of some skilled architects, designers, and engineers, with creative strategy. With their previous projects, the developers had received a lot of confidence in real estate market. They had already received the positive feedback for Al Jalil gardens before. The owners are working on Al-Noor Orchard in such a way that low-income household would not have any difficulty in purchasing plots.


The developers of a particular real estate project need to get a valid no objection certificate for the quick development of project. The NOC file is a formal approval of the project, which states that there is no scam in it i.e. Faisal Town Phase 2. It also helps in get more confidence and trust by the real estate investors due to its transparency. So, Al-Noor Orchard got the legal approval under the domain name of NOC#LDA/DMP1/SKP/913 from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The LDA had approved the NOC of this project on October 2019, and its final balloting took place in September 2018.


This housing venture is situated at one of the most elite neighborhoods in Lahore. The entire housing project is near from the Faizpur Interchange, right adjacent to the Al-Raziq Garden, which is around 10 minutes away from the Al Jalil Gardens. It is locatable at Sharaqpur Sharif Road that links Lahore to Jaranwala. Lahore Karachi Motorway and Faizpur Interchange are only few miles away from this project, while Ravi Toll Plaza is around 1.3 Km away.

Master Plan

The developers of this venture have formulated the masterplan with the help of their skilled designers, and architects. They had utilized their two decades of expertise, as evident in the Masterplan. The plan shows that the entire project would be stretched over the area of 40 acres separated into various sectors. There would be huge garden full of beauty, with a mission to promote innovative and healthy lifestyle. Some of the main blocks of this project are below.

Residential Blocks

This beautiful housing project is spread over spacious plots of Land. This block would be available for residential investors, who seek to have a quality housing lifestyle.

Commercial Plots

The entire housing project also has some plots, where the residents would have opportunity to launch their commercial ventures. Such plots would be the hub of business activities within the premises of this housing project.

Payment Plan

The payment plan of this housing project is released recently, which proves that it would be an affordable venture. The owners of this project planned the payment plan by looking at the affordability factor for investors. Depending on the facilities that every sector offer currently, the payment plan showcases that. Even, the it also has the option of monthly and yearly installment plans, where investors would have the opportunity to buy plots easily.


Any housing project without some proper world class facilities has no likelihood to succeed. The main purpose of having world class housing facilities is to provide comfort to residents. Following are some important facilities of this venture mentioned below.

Huge Mosque

The developers of this project have taken religious needs of their residents into consideration. For that, they are planning to construct a huge mosque at the center of this project. This mosque would be able to cater more than 100 worshippers per day. Also, it would have a huge garden alongside that would increase the charm of this mosque.

World class Security features

The owners of this project have plans to establish a huge gated community for protection the residents. That includes a boundary wall that determines the boundary of the project with a secured entrance point. There would also be armed security guards deployed at every corner to ensure that the residents don’t face any criminal activity. Every sector would have CCTV camera that would keep a steady eye at every movement. The boundary wall of this venture alongside the surveillance gear at the entrance guarantees the foolproof security measure by the owners.

Huge Carpeted Road

The roads of this housing venture would huge, with good quality carpeting. Such carpeting would helpful in smooth flow of vehicles. It also creates a tremendous look of the entire housing project.

Huge Green Parks

The owners of this housing project have committed themselves to provide an ecofriendly atmosphere to the residents. They are planning to establish huge parks for not only enabling residents to spend their leisure time, but also to promote greenery. There would be a plantation campaign at the beginning for reducing pollution.

Community Center

The owners of this housing project are planning to construct some community center, so that residents socialize with each other. Those centers would have different games, and dining facilities, where the residents would enjoy. It is going to be a beautiful club where residents may get together on some special occasions and participate in gaming activities.

Healthcare Facilities

The developers of this project are willing to cater to the health needs of the residents for which they plan to establish world class health centers. There would be huge hospital and clinics that would have a capacity to admit hundreds of patients per day. They would have cutting edge technology and world class technology for operating the patients. The staff of this healthcare center would have a foreign degree, which would indicate the level of their expertise.

Why should one invest in Lahore’s Al-Noor Orchard?

This owners of this housing project are planning to create a revolution in real estate sector of Lahore with their customer satisfaction policy. The best aspect about this venture is that it has a perfect location right near to Karachi-Lahore Motorway. There is no issue of its legality, as the owners have received the NOC from LDA. This project would be ecofriendly project free from pollution. The exotic location with some world class facilities of this project make it the best place to reside. Even the plots are available at lower rates, where investor from every financial background would easily book their plots. The overall infrastructure of this housing project would be of innovative standards. The efficient security measure of this venture make it one of the most secure ventures.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Innovative security measures
  • Pollution free and environment friendly society
  • State of the art infrastructure


  • Construction process going on at slow pace
  • Perception of high-priced plots


The developers Al-Noor Orchard are working on this project efficiently with their team of skilled designers and engineers. They are using cutting edge technological methods to ensure comfort of residents. The owners had already delivered some successful real estate projects before, which is a proof of their huge credentials. The elite infrastructure of this housing project also shows that this venture would provide a dream facility to the investors just like New City Paradise. Investors would have an opportunity to have their dream homes at affordable rates. If you are willing to buy a plot for yourself, you may contact the real estate agents of Globe Real Estate. Our team of talented marketing agents are here to show you positive income prospects of this project.


Q1: What is Al-Noor Orchard Lahore? and what sets it apart from other residential properties?

Ans. It is an upcoming modernized form of real estate project, which is set to add a mark in real estate business of Lahore. cutting-edge technologies.

Q2: How is it different from others?

Ans. The owners of this project are utilizing cutting edge technology to provide comfort for the residents.

Q3: Where is the location of this venture?

Ans. This housing project is near to Faizpur Interchange only few miles away from Al Raziq Garden adjacent to Karachi-Lahore Motorway.

Q4: Is it a legal housing project?

Ans. Yes, the developers of this venture had received the legal NOC approval from Lahore Development Authority several discussions.

Q5: Is it affordable?

Ans. Yes, the developers of this project had designed the payment plan, which proves that it is very affordable for every investor.

Q6: Does it guarantee a high-yield investment opportunity?

Ans. Yes, the payment plan of this project also guarantees best economic opportunities. For that purpose, the developers had established commercial plots to enable residents for establishing their businesses.

Q7: What is the overall area of this housing project?
Ans. This project spread over around 40 acres of Land area with various entrance points.