The newest home development in Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore, is called Al Kabir Orchard, whose developers work to preserve the earlier home developments. Additionally, the location is once again close to Lahore. Further, the amenities would assist the investors in finding the high-standard lifestyle they have been seeking. Additionally, future residents will have the most luxurious and affordable living accommodations, which will help them become valuable assets. Further, the project’s specifics will be disclosed, giving all investors a sense of the benefits and advantages of living here. So let’s talk about it and examine the material at length.

Al Kabir Orchard  Lahore

Al Kabir Town is a housing project that has received LDA approval and was started in 2016 by Al-Kabir Town (Pvt) Ltd. It is situated on Lahore’s Raiwind Road. There are three stages of society: I, II, and III. A, B, C, D, and E are a few of the Blocks into which the plots are split.

Phase-I began in 2016, and the debut of apartments occurred in March 2017. Phase-II was released in May after two months, followed by the most recent Phase-III (Kings Town), also authorised by the LDA.

Society provides lovely, contemporary living at a reasonable price. All of the residential and business plots are offered affordable payment options like Nova City.

Developers & Owners

Their crew is skilled in connecting investors with the best luxury residences. And their development work demonstrates the effort they are making to provide everyone with the ideal investment alternative. The trust component, which is an essential feature for all residential investors, is present.

NOC Status

The developers are eager to provide everyone with the ideal home investment, which is why they are already seeking higher authorities’ permission. Additionally, the trust that every investor seeks in a real estate investment is there, which will support effectively making this long-term choice. Last but not least, this will be a worthwhile long-term investment for all investors.

Location & Map

It is situated on Chak 44 Road, 1 KM. Additionally, the location is reachable from the M2 Motorway, making it more accessible to most inhabitants and investors. Searching for amenities like schools, universities, and hospitals is essential when picking a long-term residential investment.

This residential area will be close to the Allama Iqbal International Airport. Additionally, the investors may reach Shahdra and Muridke in about 10 minutes. Most significantly, it would take 20–25 minutes to travel to Mall Road Lahore, enhancing the appeal of investing in this beautiful real estate project. Furthermore, the Lahore Ring Road will also be five minutes away. Finally, the home investment’s value will rise due to these access points.

Payment Plan

The most beneficial aspect would be the pricing since they will be low, as in the Kingdom Valley in Islamabad. Additionally, the developer wants to attract more investors by setting affordable home prices. The instalment payments will also enable investors to purchase plots at costs that are accessible to them. But most significantly, all investors want to locate their perfect property at a reasonable price and in the right neighbourhood.


Master Plan

The living areas’ most outstanding features and amenities will captivate the investors. Additionally, the developers will assist the locals in finding the lifestyle they have been seeking to realise their dreams. Additionally, investors will discover investing much simpler thanks to first-rate facilities Blue World City. And it is what makes this worthwhile home investment opportunity so beautiful.



The details of Residential, Commercial Blocks and Villas are given below:

Residential Plots

Every investor aspires to build their perfect house. Additionally, the goal is to offer them a prosperous atmosphere and affordable living conditions. And in the future, all inhabitants will have that.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Commercial Plots

All company owners want their businesses to expand and get enough leads at speed and rates. Additionally, the goal is to build a top-notch infrastructure to generate the most significant startup leads and growth. Further, all of the investors will benefit from the professional surroundings and amenities that are offered there.

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla


Villa investments currently provide the ideal mix of luxury and comfort. Additionally, villas provide more dependable living quarters at low prices. In a gated community, the housing society further ensures that all resident requirements and expectations are met. And for all real estate investors, it is what makes it a trustworthy and worthwhile investment opportunity. Last but not least, the villa’s choices include:

  • 5 Marla

Development Status

Construction will start shortly, and development work is already underway. Additionally, there is a strategy to provide all investors with the best living conditions. Moreover, the housing neighbourhood now has water purification facilities. Additionally, the community is made feasible by the 24/7 availability of power to all inhabitants. Finally, the most excellent aspect of the school building also occurs in the neighbourhood.

Additionally, installing CCTV cameras is proceeding quickly across the neighbourhood to provide inhabitants with a safe lifestyle. Wide roads are also being built in the community, improving accessibility for all investors same as Kingdom Valley. Lastly, the official Estate Land Marketing website will include information about another development status.


Al Kabir Orchard promises to give valuable amenities that will advance the aspirations of the potential homeowner in terms of their home. Additionally, the components that every investor wants are:

  • Superior Infrastructure
  • Educational Establishments
  • Wide Roads and Streets
  • System of Optimal Drainage
  • Residences and apartments
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Gated neighbourhood
  • Medical Equipment
  • Security cameras
  • Business Zone
  • Children’s Parks
  • Filtration Facilities
  • Mosque
  • Neighborhood Center


Al Kabir Orchard will provide the finest in town and the most profitable living places for all inhabitants. Also, the affordable rates will make this a more desirable investment place. For all investors, these are the superb facilities available:

The provision of everything necessary

Living in the housing complex will be among the most luxurious experiences possible. Furthermore, it will include all necessary basic features like electricity, gas, and water, allowing inhabitants to achieve their ideal home objectives. Moreover, they will continue for 24 hours to provide everyone with profitable living objectives. Finally, it will be affordable, increasing the dependability and value of such services.

Exceptional Infrastructure

Investors who live here and make investments will enjoy the ideal lifestyle. High-end infrastructure will also make it possible for businesses and startups to reap significant financial benefits. Offices will also access the resources needed to clinch the best deals. Finally, the charges are reasonable, and the payment procedure is the simplest and most effective.

Educational and medical facilities

Health care and educational institutions are the most essential and fundamental aspects of daily life to achieve high-end objectives. Therefore, the academic institutions and medical facilities will also form a component of this gated community. Furthermore, these amenities would constitute a vital part of Al Kabir Orchard Lahore. A once-in-a-lifetime chance, they will also be less priced and available to all investors.

Secured Gated Neighborhood

The builders offer the greatest and most modern technologies to provide a secure and peaceful atmosphere. Finally, it will be equipped with CCTV cameras that can recognise faces.

Pros & Cons

Al Kabir Orchard has several benefits and drawbacks, and all investors will enjoy the following privileges:


  • High-quality educational facilities and fitness facilities
  • Optimal Sewerage Infrastructure
  • Centres for Health Care
  • Mosque
  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Children’s Parks
  • Neighbourhood Centers
  • Broad Streets
  • Security cameras
  • Environmentally responsible project
  • Gated neighbourhood
  • Business Zones
  • Retail Centers
  • Ideal Place
  • Low-cost plots
  • Neighborhood Club


  • Thoughts on the expensive home project

Why are we investing in Al Kabir Orchard?

All investors in the community will make a dependable and effective choice by investing in the housing endeavour. Additionally, developers are renowned for building top-notch facilities at meagre costs. Additionally, residents and investors will have access to first-rate amenities and a prosperous living environment that will guarantee a sustainable lifestyle for everybody. However, the site and the reasonable prices make it a worthwhile purchase. Additionally, supplying all necessities will raise the standard of living. The experience will be remarkable for everyone thanks to all these advantages. Therefore, renting a location here would be ideal.


The housing society will have first-rate amenities and strives to provide each resident with one of its finest residences at a reasonable price. According to the developers, residents would have reasonably priced access to the most expensive facilities. Most significantly, this housing community has given the developers it is a blessing, which will support the creation of a trustworthy and responsible real estate investment. The rates and the timing of their payment will be the most significant feature, encouraging investors to make investments at their speed. Please visit the website of Globe Real Estate for further information.


Q1. What is Kala Shah Kaku in Lahore’s Al Kabir Orchard?

Ans. The newest home development in Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore, is called Al Kabir Orchard.

Q2. Is it a recognised residential neighbourhood?

Tehsil Municipal Authority has approved this housing project.

Q3. What city is Al Kabir Orchard in?

The housing society is located on Main GT Road, across from SA Garden. Additionally, it is situated on Chak 44 Road, 1 KM.

Q4. Can residential investments be made in the pricing range?

The costs for residential living spaces are available, yes.